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How do I shuffle Tarot cards?

I’ve seen where you just shuffle them like regular playing cars, but it also says that some may be upside down. When I just shuffle them and lay them out, they’re always facing the right “positive” direction except for once when I forgot which side was which (damn symmetry) and my dog turned one around. How am I to do this so some may be in the “negative” direction?


  1. that’s a good question. I always just shuffled mine and some ended positive, some ended up negative, I never really worried about it. So, I say, when you put them away, just don’t right them. I always turned them so they were all face down, but otherwise, I didn’t “fix” them when I put them away, I let them be.
    that probably doesn’t help huh?

  2. I only read upright cards. And if one or two end up reversed, then I read that as significant. Some tarot readers will straighten all their cards in the upright position, give them a good shuffle, then cut the deck in half and turn one half around, reshuffle and then lay the cards down. You don’t have to force a reversal in this way. The cards can be just as easily read without doing it.

  3. Yeah, to me I think it’s important to just shuffle the deck, I shuffle mine Vegas style, think about what you want to know. Place the deck down and flip the cards over one at a time. There is nothing specifically negative about each position, sometimes cards are better reversed then right side up.


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