How do I show the Love of God to this whole city every day?





by Neuropsych:

Someone told me that compassion comes by reading books like Don Quixote. Now that I know what compassion is, it’s time to move to the next level.
As I understand it, Love is explained by conducting scientific experiments like the rice experiment: I can define Love as the interaction between the aura of organic material with the aura of the human, which is made pure when the mind is purified. You can see that the cooked rice in the jars has remained white. I wasn’t very faithful to the rice, for I forgot a week here and there to show it Love. Maybe the lack due to my forgetfulness in it’s later days made them smell like Sulfur. Anyway, 132 days passed and the rice is still white. I saw one video online where rice was preserved by Love alone for 1 1/2 years. I think I discovered what Love is.
I spoke to an old man who was experienced in Love about my experiment, and he told me to stop showing love to a jar, and start showing it to people. I now have an inclination to show Love to this whole city because they can be preserved by Love even moreso than the rice was preserved. Really, I have nothing better to do with my life than this. I don’t think I’ll be conducting any more rice experiments to determine what Love can do because I’m ready for people now. But how can I hug the entire population of people every day for 132 days? Or perhaps I can beam my heart energy over the city every day for 132 days, maybe? Is that possible? I better not forget one day in that 132-day period or they’ll start smelling like Sulfur. That would definitely show the Power of Love in the lives of the people because of what it did to the rice.
But really how is this sharing of Love going to save this whole city? I know that Love saves or preserves the soul because of what it did to the rice and the evidence of my parent’s preservation. I know that Love doesn’t discriminate, no matter what religion, Atheism, gender, race and whatever else divides people they are. My parents are preserved by Love and there’s no religion there at all as I observe. I must show this Love to everyone in this city, but how do I do that? And can you help me determine and exact definition of Love? And how can I trample the wrong impressions people get when I show them Love? And how do I approach people with Love? I’ve done it many times before, praying for the injured and even praying for sick trees. But I also freak people out. Why are people afraid? I just find it easier to spread Love by praying for the sick. It’s a lot better that merely saying “hi,” passing people by, though they may have a need for the human touch. The Power of Love can heal people; I know this.
I know that to save the planet, I must work with one person at a time. How can I do this most efficiently? I must have the confidence to go at it with all my heart, leaving all my essence behind. I want to do this for the sake of a peaceful Earth, but I’m not quite sure how. Can anyone give me advice?

Answer by Sarah’s Collage
Most ppl on YA won’t read all of that, it would be better as a blog piece. Do you have a blog?
Anyway, i will answer the first question you asked. I love people in my city by…connecting with ppl already in my world, having genuine love acceptance and concern for them, being generous with my time and going out of my way to see them, pray for them. Many ppl in my world are not Christian, and some are suspicious or negative towards Christians. Basically all i feel to do is to love them and that’s all. Like Francis of Assisi said, preach the gospel and if necessary use words.


  1. Simply do this…LOVE When you can! Where ever you can, and watch this seed grow, into a fruit bearing tree, first in yourself then others…
    Love when you can… wherever you can… one gesture given to anyone, is loving …
    and… as each of us does this… we play if forward… God causes the increase… spread love abundantly as well as you can… be warmth itself… allow those golden rays of love… to be in your center and they will radiate everywhere!!
    God bless, nice question!!

  2. You have to move to the next level and this level is the best of all level and you will not want to move away from it.
    The next level is to do love to all man, freely . You have understand what love is and you have shown your love, now is the action time. You have to practice doing love to all man in your city. Doing it gives the affection and therefore proves your sincerity. Do it one at a time so that your love will be received by those in fullness.
    The power of love can only heals through contact. Jesus have to lay His hand for action to take place. Only through contact, the power of love can be transfer to one another.
    How can you give brotherly kiss if there is no contact? Start with a kiss, as commanded and wash each other clean ( hygiene is important). From there you will know what course to take next.
    Enjoy love.

  3. Love is beyond something you think.
    Your parents love you because you are their son but not you their religion. Will your parents love others like they loved you. God loves all the children in the earth because all are His creations but expect us to believe, accept, do good and worship Him as One and Only God.
    You can’t show the love, people, even animal and birds, feel your love if its true.

  4. Try to meditate in once a day .. and see you heart open and shine your light from your heart onto the earth and send love to it this way.
    U have a big heart.. shine on.

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