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How do I sever a psychic link permanently?

To clarify, I have an empathic link with my ex-girlfriend. So far, I have tried visualizing the point where the link appears and severing the tie, as well as the wiccan technique of cutting at the point where our auras meet exactly three times. She has some energy vampire tendencies, so cutting her off completely is a bit hard. Thus far, all of the techniques have seemed to work for a while, but I need something more permanent.


  1. Don’t answer her calls, block her from seeing you on any social networking site, don’t go where she might be. The same goes for you. Don’t call her, don’t visit her profiles on any sites and if you see her, walk the other way.
    But have you tried, take a white string. Prick your finger, coat it in your blood and let it dry in the sun on a window sill or something. When it is dry, use it to break the link with her. Make up your own words, cut it in half, effectively cutting all energy between you two. If you feel you need something extra, after cutting it, burn it. Scatter it to the wind. Then forget she exists.

  2. I have golden shears of power that can cut any psychic vampire link. I charge a reasonable rate and offer a free aura massage and cleansing.

  3. These are all deceptions from satan producing fake supernatural phenomena to make it seem real.
    Best way is to start praying to Jesus asking him to free you from those spirits and protect you, giving it all to him.Otherwise you are on your own in a war for your soul to keep you deceived and apart from God and his love and higher things.
    Jesus whom I follow and experience daily once said to me, Let go and abandon yourself totally to My mercy no matter what it may bring, no matter what may come to you.
    As you seek to get free from all that spiritual darkness expect satan to be attacking you with lies and doubts because he hates losing any of his captives.Jesus is the only one who can give you new life.

  4. I don’t know if I can help, but is there a specific area or emotion or time/place that she has, as it were, attached herself to?
    PS this isn’t really a part of Wicca. It’s more like simple esoteric practice.

  5. There is no such thing as a “psychic link”, this is all delusional crap. All you have to do is take some time to get over it and everything will be fine.


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