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How do I send a subliminal message?

How do I send a subliminal message, and how will I know if it got to the reciever? Can it be something as easy as “meet me at pizza hut after work?” or like “dont do that to my sister?”


  1. If you master it, let me know, lol. Then I wouldn’t need e-mail. I’ll tell you what, i’ll beam this message to you before I send it, and if it looks familiar, voila! j/k Realistically, there is not a way. Sometimes there’s freak of nature instances, but just try thinking really hard and concentrating on the person. Who knows? Maybe you’ll strike gold.

  2. You can simply use body language, be it with a glance and expression or a postion and posture.
    The only real way to assure that you’re message gets across is to know the person with whom you are communicating and talk prior about possible messages and corresponding signals. Aside from that, you’re just looking for something that you know how the other person is going to interpret.
    Now, if you’re talking about telepathic message, that is an entriely different story.

  3. every message someone can say there is a subliminal meaning to.it all depends on who you are and who the massage is intended for and if the channels of comunication gets disrupted or not.


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