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How do I see auras??????


  1. Auras don’t actually exist, so you can’t see them. However, there are a large number of substances which can make you THINK you see them, or you can stare at something for so long your eyes suffer from retinal fatigue, and that can look like colors.

  2. It’s a gift. You can Google it, I’ve tried a few things to help me see them, but they didn’t work. You just have to be born with it, I guess. If you do find out, tell me how lol!

  3. Eri has the best answer, people who claim they can see auras are either suffering from retinal fatigue, on drugs or are just deluding themselves, if anyone reading this claims they can, please see James Randi’s $1,000,000.
    EDIT: You obviously haven’t read all the Rules and Guidelines to Randi’s challenge, it’s all there in black and white for anyone to see and verify.
    If you believe the Indian can live for 70 years without food, it’s no wonder you don’t understand physics.
    EDIT2: This is the man you’re talking about, he claimed he has lived 70 years without food or water, not seven days, a lot of people could train themselves to do that.
    And Randi never met him, let alone be rude to him.
    EDIT3: I have a challenge for you Mobius, by the way my name is Ron, and that is a picture of me, I have no need to hide my identity.
    As you are so keen to run down Randi’s challenge, why don’t you and your “paranormal-investigation.com”, choose a champion out of all the ‘genuine’ paranormal practitioners you must have on your books, I’ll let you be the one to choose, either one who does mind reading, telekinesis, aura reading, remote viewing, dowsing, graphology, spoon bending, fortune telling, past life regressions, the choice is almost endless.
    Then with all the publicity you can muster, put your champion up for the JR challenge, in a way he couldn’t possibly back down, perhaps live on TV, there would be plenty willing to help you, they’ve done it before.
    Prove for once and for all there is ONE person out there who has any sort of paranormal power that I’ve mentioned.
    I look forward with much anticipation to your excuse.

  4. Hi Dusk. Great question. This is something that many people get confused with – can I see an Aura? Well, quite simply, no, sorry. You don’t actually see an aura, you may see something but it is not an aura. What you do see is a trick of the eye, an optical illusion if you will. This is called retinal fatigue. If you stare at an object or person for more than a couple of seconds, there is a distinct “blurring” effect around the edges of the object or person. That can make people think they are seeing something. This is normal. Everyone can do this. It is especially evident when there is a solid colour background – especially a white or cream shade. The effect is such that the “blurring” is actually an inverse of the colours that the object is, or a person is wearing – therefore you get various colour hues appearing around the object or person. Here try these:
    Now you can go on through life believing in things that do not exist, or you can listen to reason and choose to utilise the knowledge that these things are explainable. But you can see for yourself, like it or not, in the examples I have given you what is going on. So lets put the worry of these to rest now huh?

  5. You don’t. No-one does. They only think they can. However, they lack the intelligence to realise that what they are seeing are simply from retina fatigue and optical illusions – oops!
    EDIT: Mobius, invite as many people as you like. It still does not make any of this any more real…
    I concur with Ron. Let’s have this challenge once and for all. But as I have suggested before, why don’t you put it to good use. There are many many homeless out there so why not take Randi’s money and donate it to a homeless children’s charity?

  6. You can’t do things too see them, you have to be a born psychic, medium or sensitive.
    Psychic- Can “see” and communicate with spirits, energies etc.
    Medium- Provides evidence of the human personality beyond death and they are the link between the human and paranormal world.
    Sensitive- Can see aura’s, have special powers like healing and sort of mind reading to see people’s moods.
    You can’t become these things, you have to be born with these abilities.

  7. Spiritualization of the visual faculty permits such. Spiritualization may be cultivated. One method often used nowadays is meditation: http://www.freemeditations.com
    http://www.crystalclarity.com/yogananda Ch. 26
    Perhaps the best book on the subject is “Studies of the Human Aura,” Kuthumi.
    Also worthwhile: “Ethical ESP” and “Watch Your Dreams,” Ann Ree Colton, and
    “Man’s Psychic Life: Elements and Structures” and “Light Is a Living Spirit,” O. M. Aivanhov.
    Reviews at http://www.amazon.com

  8. Certainly when you work with nightvision and UV devices you can see light outside the bandwidth of normal human perception and it is there to be measured with the right devices. Ignoring the skeptical debunkers. I will point you here and let you make your own conclusions:
    About this Amazing Randi 1 million challenge i will point you to what i wrote here:
    Now to your question: We had the oppertunity to test a man who claimed the ability to see Auras. I myself do not have the ability and entered the test with only an open mind. We had a screen
    up where the person could with any direct visible ability see the person he was testing but seemed able to read the auras. He had no way of knowing who was on the other side of the screen and was no illumination from the other side of the screen.
    He read colors and gave a brief and accurate description of each person. We used about
    15 test subjects. We told him were 20 subjects and recycled 5 subjects. When he reread
    the duplicates he was correctly able to repeat the same colors and recognize them from
    the past readings 100% of the time. The tests took about 2 hours. We were amazed. I suspect this footage will end up on some cable special – we done a lot of other investigations – many this year at Brown Mountain on cable TV – from History Channel to Discovery to SyFy.
    In the past would hear the debunkers trash us over saying the lights at Brown Mountain were just an illusion and they would say was NO SCIENCE THERE…. we did an extensive investigation and documented plasmas and how they formed, we were recognized in the NASA journal The Electric Spacecraft and the article was peer reviewed – is case any of the skeptics missed the memo – the Brown Mountain lights are now recognized as an exotic plasma like the Hessdalen Lights are also that seem to defy scientific reason. France just invested $400,000 in research at Hessdalen Norway after the lights showed so much energy, speed and finally signs of intelligence.
    Don’t let the skeptics get you down… they also blew it the stance they took on moon water and the proof had been there for years in collected evidence and visual anomolies. Randi also blew it with
    the investigation on an Indian Yogi who NASA, US Military and India government tested
    and found 100% survived perfectly for 7 days with no food or water and claims not to eat or drink. Randi was rude to the man and said testing him was a waste of his time and &(^*(*( energy.
    Here are Clark’s 3 main rules the skeptics miss:
    1.When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is probably wrong.
    2.The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
    3.Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
    I think am going to invite about 10 million people from C2Cam to come help me babysit yahoo answers as the skeptics seem to have taken over here and needs to be some balance brought to the site.
    Edit: I was just talking to some of my associates about this challenge and agreed about the TV thing – but 1st Randi would have the change the prize to be 1 million cash – if these bonds are so liquid – let him cash them in and put 1 million cash on the line. (and no i do not have paranormal skills other then very random precognitize dreams) but i do know people who do – i have one person in mind that would be perfect for this and the skill is telekinesis and he already is well known in the media. If anyone looks at my website a good deal of things i myself debunk – and i do think Randi does a lot of good as are a lot of people who warrant debunking and he serves a valid purpose. BUT i do think he is closed minded to some phenomena that is very real.
    We were given major hostility for our working concepts at Brown Mountain – also our working concepts about water on the moon (not by Randi but by the skeptic community) ….. both concepts validated – not that long ago both were the subject of ridicule by the skeptics.
    The Yogi – i do not think he has lived 70 years w/o food or water…. but i do know he lived 7 days showing no ill effects under observational tests and passed. Balance lies in the middle of these 2 extremes. A year ago he failed as a small amount of water came up missing – this year his tests went 100% perfect and he offered to extend the testing for another week himself.
    I think a challenge would be great for all. Get Randi to toss the bonds, put solid cash in the contract edit rule 9 and lets all benefit from this. I can think of 2 cable shows who would love to have rights to air this.

  9. Stare at someone for 20 seconds and then close your eyes quickly. If you don’t have the gift you will only see a quick flash of colour but that will be the colour of their aura.

  10. Hello
    Auras are very real and measurable. Get a friend to stand against a white background and lower the lights a little bit. Keep staring on the outer edges of their head and you will start to see a formation around the persons head and body.
    Another way is to have the lights low whilst lying down in bed, then put your hand in the air and focus on the spaces between your hand whilst relaxing your eyes, eventually you will see a clear cloud like energy field around your fingers.
    Below are some links about auras etc:-
    Lots of Love
    Misscpb xxx


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