How do I see an aura?

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How do you see an aura? I’ve been looking and their all different, what is the easiest, quickest way to see an aura?

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What the hell is a aura ?


i dont understand how you see auras the closest thing i have ever gotten to seeing auras is when i hear someones name picture a color that fits that name


Try looking at yourself first. I find it’s easiest to see auras under the following conditions, try it for a day or two:
1. Eat really healthy, lots of vegetables, as little meat as you can, and vitamins, while drinking water or herbal tea
2. Go outside a bit before sunrise or sunset
3. Look at your hand with your fingers closed and hand up towards the sky then open your fingers and close them looking in between them
4. Also try looking at other people to their side rather than right at them under the same conditions
This helped me a lot and I found after I was able to see auras once under ideal conditions it was easier to see them under any conditions

Lightning Wolf

concentrate on the energy you fell flowing threw your body then pull some in to your hand in an easy form for you to make (ball, triangle, obtuse, etc.) focus on it then close your eyes see the shape in your mind don’t force it just let it flow into you head then open you eyes and at some point you should have seen it. As for seeing others extend your aura around the person and be shure to have it connected to the aura around your body (easier) and the closer the better (also easier) you should be able to sense their mood and their aura color without even having to look at them.


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