Sunday, September 26, 2021

How do i ruin her life by sending negative energy?

She ruined my life and married the guy i have always loved. Im very jealous. So jealous that it hurts. Does it have any impact on her life?


  1. The only person you’re hurting is yourself. If she stole him from you, there is always karma. Otherwise, change your negative energy to positive energy and help your life.

  2. All it is doing is ruining your life to be jealous. Just thinking about it makes it all start over again. Bide your time. If she stole him away then they are both cheaters. And you know the old saying. Once a cheater, always a cheater. You don’t want this guy. He is a cheater. He will cheat on you eventually. (Again). The same will happen to them. Can a leopard change it’s spots? Skunk change it’s stripes? Sooner or later it’s going to happen. Get yourself a man who only wants you. And while you have him, their relationship will always have contention. They will never be able to fully trust one another. If you had this guy now, you would be stuck with a life like that.

  3. Your jealousy and hurt is only going to ruin you. Be happy that you’re not straddled with him, cuz he wasn’t meant for you……….else he’d have gone away sometime later…………
    Wish her all the best and carry on……….

  4. Back years ago when I was devastated from a horrible loss, I thought of the same thing. But only to find out later, that matters in life at present dramatically changes in time..
    You would be inclined (perhaps) not to listen on others’s good advices during times of being blinded by one’s unbearable resentment.
    So it could be naturally on how to find out to “lash it out in your smartest way that you can”. So as it may also depend in your own character to get the satisfaction that you may need, to get a relief.
    Maybe “always keep busy”, or pour out your tears from your sorrows. Then to speak it out to a trusted friend can also do well. Hope that she will be patient..Then to a good loving relative too, may support and give you the back rubs..
    WIth your strong thoughts, that possibly you could have been sending it already in “expense” of sacrificing your own energy that your also could have been “wasting” to such none sense, rather than “consuming that particular energy release of your revenging thoughts”, on channeling it for your progress to seek another good opportunities instead, but just be cautioned and be learned next time not to stray!
    IF you send someone a negative energy, that means you might also have to sacrifice with your grief and misery, blocking all the possible good influences that could come in your life at that moment! It will slow some good chances from its influence..
    Just preferably find out the smartest way to relieve oneself by not losing more your well being, and let not your “passion” governs you all the time.
    try to control your heart somehow..It is for your own goodness..
    That is the BEST revenge, get up! Stay prettier and livelier, no matter how desperate or sad your heart is..You can surmount that IF you want!
    I wish you be well soon, I wish you feel better..
    It is only a passing stage in life, that provokes one to learn and to be well..
    Please remember, it is only temporary. Don’t get swayed.


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