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How do I rid myself and my home of all negative energies? PLEASE READ?

Hello Yahoo, I’m going to tell you a story now. Please take the time and read it, it’s not too long and it’s quite interesting.
Recently I went over to my friends house, and he revealed to me that ghosts have been there since he moved in. I have no ghosts in my home, but just a week after leaving his home I get sick with Post Nasal Drip, and on top of that I get a cold. I’ve also been feeling weaker than usual lately, and I’m starting to believe that I’ve attracted negative energy by going over his house, since the ghost is that of a murdered little girl, or so he claims.
So, I must know how I go about ridding my home and myself of this negative energy. Thank you.
No, I’ve tried to rid myself of the Post Nasal Drip with several medications prescribed by a doctor, which none of them worked. I’ve also tried everything over the counter, from antihistamines to cough medicines. It just doesn’t go away, and my mother also had a pretty bad cold as well. It’s definitely negative energy.


  1. I think what is more likely is that you caught yourself a cold while you were at his house (or indeed from someone else) and that cold/flu medication or a trip to the doctor is in order.

  2. SA1 22:23 Abide thou with me, fear not: for he that seeketh my life seeketh thy life: but with me thou shalt be in safeguard.

  3. A cleansing bath, then sprinkle salt around, inside, your house and say something to the affect of With salt I cleanse my home, all negative energies must leave, so mote it be. I seal all doors, windows and any openings into my house.
    Hmm but ghosts are everywhere. They just aren’t always seen.

  4. I doubt the ghost of a murdered girl is in your nose. That is called a virus. But, you might as well do some clearing ritual to get your head in the right place.
    First, literally clean. Dust, vacuum, and scrub the sinks and toilets. Everywhere. No shortcuts. Use some antibacterial cleansers. Get rid of whatever you think would give a creepy ghost a reason to hang around your place.
    Well, a common house clearing is to hire a priest to bless the house, or you could hire some other person to smudge the house, or do it yourself for much less money. Some holy water, some smudging (look it up online), some prayers, some demands that the bad energy leave, whatever your fancy. You could even invite people over for a party and bring happy energy into the home.


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