How do I remove negativity from around me and my aura? ([Intutive Ppl.)]?

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I don’t need a spell, I want to do this the right way.
Another thing, Why am I attracting the wrong men when it comes to love?
Lastly, nvm…

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You first have to figure out if the negativity is coming from within or without.
Many people who have intrinsically positive and happy inner feelings are brought down by others who don’t feel the same way.


be kind to the others, n smile,

Caroline S

be optimistic, dont complain, smile, be friendly. about the love thing, hang out around people that do those things i suggested to you (cuz there will probly be some guys in that mixture of new friends) and then get to know guys you’d like to date (but dont be creepy or make it obvious you wanna date them) eventually i think a good run will come your way :]


sage stick, go around counterclockwise to remove negativity, and clockwise to seal your aura


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