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How do I remove negative energies from my home.?

We moved in two years ago and within a week or two my very spiritual wife became deathly ill. Now two years later she is still struggling with evil energies which has sucked her energy from her to where she can’t get out of bed some days. When she sleeps they take over her mind and body. We are not talking about tables levitating or things being moved. Only spirits taking her energy from her and using her as a punching bag. She has always been very intuitive since she was a little girl.
Please only answer with positive helpful answers. We are in need of help and don’t know which help is best.


    • Hello,
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  1. Are you both saved?
    The only way to remove a ‘negative energy’ as you call it is to give your life to Christ.
    And this is a serious answer…..

  2. Some say burning sage.
    I would suggest she try yoga… it can be very beneficial both spiritually and physically. Blessings & Namaste!

  3. Native American smudge with sage.
    Works for me.
    Just by some sage or incense and go around and purify the corners, windows, doors, spaces, and mirrors of your house. Just think cleansing thought.
    Moving furniture. Opening windows. Re-Decorating. all help too.

  4. It sounds like you need to move out. I lived in an apartment like that. You need to get Holy Water and wipe your walls down with it.

  5. If you believe in God – you need to have someone come in and bless your home & pray over your wife.
    But you have to BELIEVE in GOD or it will not work.
    Good luck & God Bless

  6. seriously, not being rude–she needs to get some help.. Why are u encouraging her- U may need some help too. Find a good therapist for the both of u. Another suggestion–MOVE! Why are u still there? she needs a DR to, get on some anti psychotic meds. U say shes been like this since a child–people back then didnt kno how to medicate people for things like this–really do it! she’ll thank you later & so will u! what kind of life does she have like that

  7. First, she probably needs to see a doctor. Hire someone to check your house for black mold or asbestos exposure (if the house is old.) If you have any new furniture in your house, new kitchen cabinets, etc. you need to air the house out as there are many toxic chemicals in the glues and materials. If all else fails, rearrange your furniture. Your bed should never be placed so that you will wake up with your back to the window.

  8. first, clean your house from up to down stars, throw away old thing that you don’t use. second, for your wife put a metal scissor under the ma tress like cross (+) and under the bed put a glass of water.
    in your house on the living room put also a glass of water.
    inside your house, the wall that is facing the front door put a mirrow. i hope all of this tips help you

  9. Buy a carbon monoxide detector and see the Doctor right away. Have your water checked for impurities. Rent some comedy’s and have a good laugh.
    Did her diet change after the move?
    Negative Energies? eh…. ok.

  10. You could try the hono pono prayer a lot of people say it works, you got nothing to loose, or you can wash your house down with Epsom-salts I know that works.

  11. Why do you think that “negative energies” are the problem? Did you check all possible physical reasons for the sickness? For example, certain chemical additives in wall painting colours, wood planking, carpets? Or maybe allergic reactions on certain substances? Or plain psychological problems like homesickness, separation from relatives or close friends, or similar things?

  12. Intuitive people can become depressed.
    Good Christians can become depressed.
    I would suggest that you arrange for your wife to talk to a mental health professional who focuses in on her, not her spiritual/religious beliefs. Besides unseen/unrecognized negative energies…what else is going on in her life? Chronic illness, ongoing family issues, poor coping skills…?
    It’s great that she has a husband who is actively seeking to help her.
    If tables aren’t levitating and things aren’t being moved, then don’t focus on removing things that make tables levitate and make things move.
    Good luck and best wishes.

  13. Firstly any help you get or work with won’t be of much use unless you believe it will be of use. If, as you say, things are that bad your wife first needs to protect herself. There are various methods of doing this, from simple visualizations to expensive gadgets. Again, it all comes down to what you believe in. If you say that energy is being sucked from her, then you presumably think that she has an energy field. That needs strengthening.
    Second, Find someone who has actually done work in this field. People who have cleared energies from properties do exist. They can be found and contacted. The stuff they do works.
    Thirdly, if you have a strong belief in good and evil and that there is always a battle going on between them and one side must win, then that isn’t helpful. Nothing is black and white. There are always shades of gray. If you put yourself in the middle of a battleground, then you are in a battle. If you put yourself in the role of spectator, you are out of the battle. It depends on your viewpoint.
    Lastly, if this has been going on for 2 years, then I’m surprised that you haven’t noted anything that you’ve tried during that time.
    Simple things you can do for yourself right now would include ‘smudging’ with a sage wand round the house and bedroom, making sure she has good quality vitamins and mineral supplements to help her body and then call in the professionals


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