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How do I release negative energy?

I am a generally nice and easy going person. About 5 months ago I ended a friendship with someone who had been my friend for years because she was the opposite. Just a mean hearted person. Anyway. I always feel like I am wanting to check her myspace and facebook. I don’t want to talk to her by any means..just kind of seeing what she has been doing-and hoping not so good. When i hear someone say her name I immediately think bad thoughts about her. I don’t like being that kind of person. I am trying to think of ways to release the bad energy, and just be like…whatever when I hear her name.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
She was always rude but I kind of pushed it off…and then when it came to planning my wedding she was even more rude about my ideas…so i just brushed it off and decided to myself that I am going to give her one more chance…..and we hung out and all she did was talk crap about her friends. WHo does that? I don’t want a friend like that. So a couple weeks after my wedding(which she tried making a scene at) I asked her to stop calling , texting and emailing me because she would randomly send me mean emails. and she has tried contacting me a couple of times since but i told her i ignored it.


  1. You may be obsessed with thinking about her.
    Our thoughts are what cause our feelings.
    Feeling follows action. Thoughts are actions.
    Change your thoughts to more positive ones that do not include her in them at all.
    Forgive her. Forgiveness releases you from the resentment you’re feeling. You are the only one who controls your thoughts that are producing your “negative energy”.
    Stop thinking bad thoughts about her. Take control over your thoughts. When we tell ourselves negative things, our emotions respond accordingly. If you don’t think about her, you won’t be tempted to see what she is up to.
    Cut it now. Let go & move on.

  2. Well, obviously your reasons were not enough. Was she mean spirited to you? You might need more closure in order to end it in your mind, as the negative thoughts are likely to try to train yourself to hate her, instead of missing her, which never really works.
    Also, meditation and time helps.

  3. Could be a hard one to do. Go with it. It can be fun to be an ass. Then again we want to be better then them so we should use a little restraint. Maybe avoid them for awhile, feelings seam to sort themselves out given time. We look back at these things and think can’t believe we let them make us feel that way.

  4. I had a similar problem I was friends with a girl for 16 years and the same bad thoughts even when I would hear a song we used to like I would turn it off, I finally called her and settled it then I was better you have to have CLOSER in any break up Friends lovers etc… if nothing else,I bet you would feel better just put what you want to say to her in a letter and burn it at least its off your chest then.

  5. Well to release the bad energy, you actually have to RELEASE your thoughts to SOMEONE. Someone you trust. Some people feel better after talking s**t about someone, esp. when they get people to agree with them. No one has to know that you do this except whoever you’re talking to.
    It is also great to do more fun things with the friends you have now. Make everything memorable. Eventually, all you’ll think about is how great one event was that you’ll totally forget about that person.
    But the best way to release that negative energy is to understand that person. Why was she rude and ignorant of others feelings? Maybe her past influenced her to be like this. Maybe she was raised in a household like this. When you understand why, all that negative energy is gonna be history.

  6. Spend more time with nice people. Volunteering helps. After some time, your memory of the mean-hearted person will be diminished.
    Please concentrate on the good. Good things will come back to you!


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