How Do I Rearrange My Room Using Feng Shui?

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I’m looking to reorganize my room utilizing the art of feng shui. The problem is, I know nothing on the subject. Where might I learn for free?

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I guess using something called a search engine is to hard for you. Gee all I did was type that in and got several hundred hits , Here is just one.


Have a look here, you’ll find all about theory, a glossary, calculators.


chinese fengshui is not as easy as that. there is no such thing as a diy or general guideline; thus, even if you apply all the recommendations in fengshui for dummies book, you don’t get rich or the results that you want.
you do not apply fengshui to 1 room. but you apply it the whole house. why? because if the other parts of the house have bad fengshui, then they negate whatever good fengshui you applied to that room – because a house has only 1 fengshui. just like a condominium, they (all units) share 1 main front door, meaning they all share a similar lifestyle. if 1 is poor, then all of them are poor. if 1 is rich, then all of them are rich. it is just the intensity that varies, this differs because of different birthdates/ destiny/ distance from good or bad fengshui in the environment or of your unit.
there is no such thing as learning chinese fengshui for free. get some books written by ms. lillian too or eva wong from or your local bookshop. both of them will teach you basic methods.


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