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How do I read tarot cards?

How do you read tarot cards? I have a deck but I’m not sure how to read it.


  1. There are various sites you can go to with meaning of each card. What you can also do is ask someone who is very good at reading them in a more in depth way.

  2. Years ago my older sister got a deck of tarot cards and we thought it was just for play. But soon after she began to try to read a fortune some very strange things started to happen.
    She was reading them one night and she saw in them that she would be divorced. She was a year later, and she came home her husband was in bed with another woman. It was devastating.
    She also had two bouts with cancer. She did not die from that. We also played with a Ouija board because at the time of all this we did not know it was wrong. we were Episcopalians and they do not know about the devil and such.
    Well when you play with the Ouija board you take demons on and your life is worse then it was before. I also went twice to see a fortune teller. The things they told me were horrible. I was so scared. And the things did come true. It took me years to get free from the curses that came on me from dabbling in the occult.
    My brother and a man I was friends with and another guy I knew that was a friend too, died within 3 weeks a part from each other. it freaked me out.
    Not till about 20 years later did I finally get free. I was born again, and spirit filled and was going to a Charismatic church we were all in a circle and the Pastor said someone here thinks they are cursed. It was me. They never touched me but they all gathered around and they prayed in tongues over me and the demons left me. I fell to the floor as my knees went limp from the anointing of God.
    I learned never to dabble in the occult again. I repented of it and I was delivered of other things that got on me from those times I was so dumb and foolish.
    I hope this helps others to beware of the occult.

  3. Did the deck come with an instruction booklet? It usually does, but if not you can go to
    Aeclectic has card meanings, and learn tarot has both meanings and layouts you can use.
    For starters you can use a simple 3-card past, present, future spread. Ask your question, look at the images and see if you can intuit what they mean to you.

  4. Its a good thing you can’t read them ,cause the first card you pick up says..”Bad fortune to the one that picks up this card”

  5. First, don’t pay any attention to all of these people with the demon horror stories and tales of sickness and death from using Tarot cards.
    I have been reading for 18 years and have had a great life and helped others in the process.
    There are many books on the subject. I had private lessons from a psychic but I still bought several different books and each book will give you a different slants on the card meanings.
    Personally, I recommend taking a class at a New Age Bookstore. It is hands on and gives you the opportunity to learn and practice with other students. The classes are usually very reasonably priced,


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