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How do I read my tarot cards?

Is there a system?


  1. There is a system. In fact, there are a few systems.
    The absolute easiest I ever heard of to learn (though it presupposes some psychic ability, I think) was that you just flip up the cards, and the spirits of your ancestors will tell you what they mean.
    Otherwise, I would take the system from the book “The Cartomancer’s Key” since it’s nice and simple.

  2. wow that’s a loaded question. there are many different systems, methods, layouts and meanings for tarot. believe it or not there is actually a tarot for dummies book, and many other beginners books that can be very helpful. Most books i have found that are published by llewellyn are very reliable. Some websites offer free layouts and meanings, also.

  3. This question is too broad to answer in this venue. There are thousands of tarot decks currently in circulation. There are also hundreds of books on how to read tarot. I teach my tarot students to purchase a deck with traditional symbolism and to learn what that traditional symbolism means before delving into the intuitive aspects of reading the cards. My book outlines some of that traditional symbolism and ways to read the cards, including the colors, etc. It takes years to master the tarot system, and a lot of dedication. To read intuitively, you must understand the language of your Higher Self, and be able to access your Higher Self. So, how do you read your tarot cards? Buy a traditional deck with a good book on traditional symbolism. My website has a blog that offers some articles and tips.

  4. First you should sleep with your Tarot cards under your pillow for 7 nights so they can pick up your energy.
    Each of the 78 cards has meanings in the upright and reversed positions that have to be learned.
    There are many books with meanings and card spreads and information on the internet.
    I recommend finding a class at a New Age Bookstore. It is much easier to learn in that way and the classes are usually reasonable in price. It also gives you the opportunity to work with other people and practice.

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