How do i read an aura.?





I can see them , but i can hardly see the colors how to i see the colors more clearly


  1. no dont know but thats interesting, I did have a book by Ted Andrews, gave it away,about that… I myself can`t see them, but can sense them, particularly the bad or the holy ones, I can sense those of the holychristians they are like a large pulsating white throbbing light, I used to be a christian myself,i was told my aura then had all colours of the rainbow in it, I could feel it icoming from people, if theirs was harmonious to mine… It pulsated… now I cant feel anything,am a pagan, but I know it stickes out around 3ft of my body, so Im very careful about who bumps into me, in a crowd….. as I think they can scan my aura, so I must learn how to draw it in… can yu do that??? like a snail?withdraw it, and put a protective sheild across your body to deflect anyone with bad negative energies?
    in truth and light.mother-jade

  2. It takes practice and most of all patience. I read Aura(s), but not by colors. And I still have a lot to learn myself. Try taking a deep breath and focus on the person your are trying to read.

  3. You can read an aura through feeling it. I practice Therapeutic Touch and in this modality you start at the persons head and run your hands close to the surface of the skin down the length of the body to the feet. This movement is repeated several times. In the process you can sense the person’s aura. Some peoples auras are smooth and beautiful, others pulsate wildly, while there are auras which are rough and broken.
    Therapeutic Touch does not reveal the colors to me but still gives an accurate reading. I do know of people who can feel the colors in this way. I also see auras, but mostly the ones I can see are white.

  4. In auras like in dreams, or nice places, there is a feeling of safety. In heaven there is much peace in the air because no one has ever felt pain there. On earth, rich and poor people know pain. As people slowly build themselves into goodness, through lives I guess, they can go where there is no suffering. A lot of people are angry that their here instead. Though when you wake up happy, then you’ll know you’ve been good. Not always maybe, but you’ll sense it once in a while.

  5. You can’t see, but rarely feel it. There is only one way to see aura, that’s with a new gadget. there are only 2 types of color for the human aura.
    Blue for normal humans
    Red for people that claim to be energy vampires

  6. If you cant visibly see the color, you usually can get an impression or feel for it. This will simply take practice.

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