How do I raise energy for magik?

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ok, I’ve been reading about paganism and Wicca for a while now and I’m ready to start practicing. The only problem that I seem to run into is that I have no clue how to raise energy. So, how do you raise energy?

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collect Mana points when you are in the dungeons and catacombs that the skeletons and imps drop after you kill them.


magic brings bad karma, you need to re-read those books again


Magik does not exist, no matter how much you’d like to mimic D&D. Please come back to reality.

eric w

Well scientifically speaking, what you are looking for is not energy.
But if you want to increase energy, try drinking a red bull.

Dendronbat Crocoduck

Try nuclear fusion. Convert some hydrogen into helium. That releases a lot of energy. Real energy (not the pretend kind).

Office Douchebag

for which videogame? check for codes.


Light a match..and you will see Energy explode right before your eyes.
This will be more than any energy you will get out of Wicca.

Crystal clear

Then you’re not ready yet dear.
Practicing magic, or magick, is not beginning to practice the religion of Wicca.
If it is the witchcraft aspect you are interested in, I would start by learning meditation and magic techniques – this is how you begin to learn to raise and direct energy.
I recommend this book to start – and it should take you several months to a year to work through it and get the exercises down – then you can move on to learning how to put it into practice.

The Grand Inquisitor

Well, you need 1.21 jigawatts. I recommend traveling back in time, avoiding impregnating your mom, and leeching the power off of that old clock which get struck at midnight.

james c

There are many ways of raising energy.Ritual dancing,and chanting are two of my favorites.If you really want to know more,Janet Farrar is going to be starting lessons of magic on Facebook .Always remember “AND IT HARM NONE”.


Drink an Ether.


Witchy Vampire,
Magick takes practice and raising energy takes time.
First thing to do would be to begin a meditation practice, don’t stress out about this, just set aside some time to sit and meditate – maybe 3 to 5 times a week for now at ten minutes a pop.
Raising energy is mostly about control and presence and meditation will help you with awareness and help root and focus your mind in the present.
A good online site for learning meditation is:
Everyone is ready for Magick, it takes practice and will, that’s all, nothing special. Don’t let the high and mighty tell you otherwise.
Hope that helps.


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