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How do I put someone under hypnosis?

I want to to known how to put someone under hypnosis so that they are hypnotized and how to safely bring them back out.


  1. Chase that idea out of your head, right now.
    Why would you even think of such – this is not play. Forget it – Please !

  2. It is not impossible, it is just highly dangerous to perform hypnosis if you have not been properly taught how. Since hypnosis places a person in a highly elevated state of subconsciousness, there is a chance that if you do not know exactly what you doing, the person you are hypnotizing may slip into a coma. In fact, I have been told that unless you are qualified to do such a thing, it is illegal to perform-at least this is what my psychology professor said. I would suggest you do not trust any info you find online, but to take a course on hypnosis.

  3. Contrary to popular belief, there is no “putting someone under” hypnosis. The only thing a hypnotist does is help an individual relax enough so that they enter into a hypnotic state. In effect, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. If a person is not in the frame of mind to be hypnotized and properly relaxed, no hypnosis will occur. As a prominent hypnotist once explained, “People think they lose control when in a hypnotic state. They actually gain control. They are more in control of their mind than in a waking state.”
    If you want to learn about hypnosis, my advice would be to buy some of the self-hypnosis cd’s, so you can judge the experience for yourself.

  4. here’s what you do, but first, look closely at this watch I am dangling before your eyes. see how it spins. now I want you to look through the watch as it spins. imagine it is a lens allowing you to peer into eternity. as you focus on the infinite distance beyond the watch/lens, count backwards from 100 to 1. as you get closer to 1 the image in the infinite distnce will begin to come into focus. you will notice that your eyelids are beginning to draw together, this helps bring the image into focus. if you feel that your eyes are actually closing, its okay. when your eyes close the image will crystallize as you count 1, and you will no longer see the watch. Can you hear my voice? When you hear the words, “That’s all the TIME we have today” you will open your eyes and see the watch again. Do you see the image? What is it that you see? You see yourself performing various tasks as my personal servant, don’t you? That’s good, very good. After you open your eyes, you will seek me out and ask for the opportunity to be of service to me. you will remember nothing of the watch. Do you understand? very good. Well, that’s all the TIME we have today.
    Oh yeah, you were asking about hypnosis. I was thinking of telepathy for some reason. I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about hypnosis.

  5. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to offer specific directions to non-professionals. However, you may choose to investigate books on hypnosis and induction techniques on amazon.com, Hammond is a good author. This would provide all the background you could ask for.
    One warning, however, performing hypnosis without proper training is dangerous and could be construed as ‘practicing without a license.’


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