Home Discussion Forum How do I prove Clairvoyant abilities to a skeptic?

How do I prove Clairvoyant abilities to a skeptic?

I need to write one paragraph supporting clairvoyance and proving to skeptics that it exists…HELP!!! thx
This is for school. If you don’t have an answer, then dont respond to this question…


  1. Why bother ?
    It is impossible to reason with the senseless.
    NO point in confusing someone with facts when mind is already made up.

  2. <>
    Demonstrate them.
    Unless you (or somebody else) can demonstrate these abilities exist, then you can’t provide a sceptic with evidence as you haven’t got any. This has to do with the definition of the word ‘sceptic’. A true sceptic is willing to accept anything as long it’s based upon sound evidence.

  3. Have your friend get a deck of playing cards. He shuffles them up and sits across from the clairvoyant. Then he draws cards one by one without showing the clairvoyant. The clairvoyant can then name off the cards as he draws them. I guarantee he will be convinced.
    If the clairvoyant can’t do it, then I guess he was right all along.

  4. That’s simple enough do something clairvoyant.If you can’t,show the person the evidence that convinced you. Why tell someone when you can show them?

  5. That’s one of the unfortunate side effects of chronic skepticism. No matter what comes across, there is the reaction to disbelieve. It might be completely genuine, but the skeptic will try to fill the situation with his or her doubt. Even if you bring evidence, there will always be not enough evidence. Your proof is not enough proof. Your statistics will not be good enough, your reports and records will not be good enough. Skepticism in large quantities, in my opinion, is more like a mental illness than a tool for discerning reality from non-reality. But a skeptic would even turn this opinion upside down, citing the fact that I’m not a doctor or a scientist.
    You practically have to go to university and become a doctor in a logical field of expertise, and have a dozen other doctors verify your claims before a skeptic will believe it. Because a chronic skeptic’s unquestionable Truth is science.
    There is nothing wrong with a healthy dose of skepticism, but when it becomes your personality it gets sick. That is why I think trying to cure a skeptic is impossible.
    But for school, for supporting evidence of clairvoyance, you might try citing history, showing how in numerous civilizations there have been types of people who see things that others don’t see.

  6. You don’t. They see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear.
    Carl Jung:
    “I refuse to commit the
    fashionable stupidity of
    regarding everything I
    cannot explain as a fraud”


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