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How do I protect myself from negative energy from other people?

I am sensitive to others emotions and I can feel what they are feeling. I feel when spirits are around good or bad, but it is wearing me down. There is a lot of tension at work and I am just so over welmed. What can I do to protect myself?
DICK…..be grateful that you do not have this gift


  1. Perhaps it all in your head …when the last time you have MRI scan to check whether your brain is developing a chemical known as “lunatic”

  2. You probally have your own problems, Don’t take on theirs too. Tell them you are sorry they are having these problems, then try to change the subject, to something positive and happy.

  3. I use vibrational oils and essences. Also aromatherapy – I have a small bag of essential oil infused beads. I take deep breaths and concentrate on what I want for myself

  4. You have to project an imaginary force field, like on Star Trek. When you feel someone is invading your spiritual space, say “shields up, red alert”, but not out loud. Then imagine your shield strengh going down with a mental photon torpedo or direct phaser hit, and take evasive action. The only think I don’t understand is why the Enterprise doesn’t keep its shield grid up all the time.

  5. I too am empathic. I can feel both the good and the bad. You need to learn how to grow your aura into more powerful forms to protect you from bad energy. This is too short a forum for this here. Email me and I will try and give you some ways to do this.

  6. Avoid such negative people as much as possible or change the subject until they catch on or just plain out and tell them you need space-even if it turns them off-ministers have written books and advised avoiding negative people. They are usually very self-centered anyway and could not care less if they stress you as long as they can vent and bring down the positive atmosphere of the workplace.
    Try and find a place after your workday to just sit quiet and think on good things and when dark thoughts and stress come back anytime of the day or night, focus back on good. In my case it is on the Lord and the fact that this life won’t last forever with all it’s strife-yet there are things of beauty and kindness and compassion to be found. Also it helps to focus on others and not dwell a lot on yourself as that will drag you down with all that is wearing on you. Do try. God bless.

  7. Dear wizard……….. of ‘feelings’ you should wear a raincoat… sorry ‘feeling coat’ so that you can be the no.1 jerk of the year for not understanding other ppls feelings …… its good for u to sense other ppls feelings atleast you can be a good friend. you have a very great gift that you can feel the spirits around you atleast you can be the medium between the spitit world the real world.. so dear stupid wizard of ‘feelings’ use your gift wisely.. there is no need ‘protections’ just try appreciate what ever gift u have and help others no matter whatever THEY are !!!!!

  8. The one person who said “live in a bubble” is right. Visualize a bubble around you where no one can enter unless you allow them to. A “forcefield” so to speak. I’ve done this many times, as I am sensitive to others’ emotions as well. But once you’re inside your “bubble/forcefield/whatever,” you can control how you feel/react to other people It’s your choice to feel another’s emotions or not. It takes a lot of visualization practice, but it does pay off in the long run.

  9. There is a crystal that expands your aura so that other energy’s aren’t so pressing onto yours. Its a proven fact. With a set of witching rods, the rods will cross farther away from you with the crystal around your neck..

  10. those who mention the bubble are correct.
    think of it this way …
    everyone has their own energy. it projects around their body. when excited or feeling alot of one emotion or another it expands or contracts.
    you are sensing these energies.
    you can manipulate your energies to help you.
    think of your energy as a bubble around you. it is yours, use it.
    make it what ever shape you wish, what ever size you wish. but in the beginning, make it a sphere with your height as the diameter.
    what you think for your “bubble” will tell it what to do.
    when you go out, you tell it to stay close to you and become hard and block out other people’s energies. make it a mirror to reflect things away from you.
    see it in your mind’s eye.
    the better you can imagine it this way the more effective it will be.
    after a while, you will be able to use your energy bubble to assist you in many ways. only your imagination will limit the number of ways it can be used.
    hope this helps
    if you need more help, let me know


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