Sunday, September 26, 2021

How do I Protect myself from negative energies of others?

I’m a “receiver” or empath. I’ve become overburdened with the negative attitudes of others, including my husband who hates his job. He doesn’t take it out on me, but I still feel all the anger and negativity he has from the place. He can retire with full benefits in 2 years. I do okay all day, but have bad dreams every night and wake up depressed. The energy is oppressive and I want to learn how to manage it better. I’m not going to leave my husband, he’s a great guy and it’s not just his energy that wears me down. Any ideas?


  1. Mary, it is very hard for an empath to cope with the bombardment some days. You could start by wearing a necklace of hematite to close off your energy field until such time as you want to open it, or anklets of hematite to ground excess energy to start. Grounding is a very important practice for an empath. Sit on the ground, I prefer under a tree, but at least sit on the floor. Imagine a cord starting at the base of your spine, going deep into the ground, and being anchored in the center of the earth. Imagine a light entering the top of your head, and moving throughout your body and your aura. Imagine the light cleansing you of any negative energy, or other energy that simply doesn’t belong with you. Send these energies down the cord, and into the ground with the thought in mind that the energies are to be cleansed by the Earth, then sent out to where ever they will do good for someone. When you feel good and “rooted”, and clear, focused, then concentrate the light at your heart chakra. send the light out from your heart chakra to surround your aura in a bubble of light. Then form a bubble that looks like smokey quartz colored glass around the whole thing. Imagine anything that doesn’t belong with you, bouncing off of the glass, to somewhere it won’t harm anybody. Consider smudging your home with white sage on a regular basis to clear away a buildup of negative energies there…

  2. wearing a SILK scarf helps a lot…wear one all the time….be as positive in your thousgts and actions and words as you can be…also there is a little ritual you can do…I do not use it for I do prayer…….you can also use mugwort and herbs to smudge the area……men can be irritable before they retire…they feel like their lives are over but they are lucky to have been able to work.some people did not and cannot retire with funds of any kind…it takes a year to get over it…tell hin to count his blessings and dont think his life is over..

  3. Make sure you STAY AWARE! Maximize your self-awareness.
    O snap! Sounds like you are aware!
    Counterit with positive energy then! >D

  4. Picture a golden web around you before bed and do a prayer of protection as well. Cleanse your house with Sage or Holy water. That should help.

  5. tell him in a non combative way what he is doing to you , you need to release the tension while you are a wake so you can relax when you are a sleep and pray ! i say the serenity prayer

  6. The most effective technique is to realize that you are responsible for the negative thoughts in your own mind, whether you attribute them to others or not. You can choose your thoughts. It’s just like the old adage, “She who smelled it, dealt it.”
    A trick I play with myself, when I feel the way you do, is this: I figure if I’m pumping out positive energy, light and love, then the flow has got too much power going out to allow anything in. So I picture my heart like a roaring furnace blazing with boundless love. I open the door and from there it explodes with the power of a hydrogen bomb, expanding across the planet, altering the molecular structure of everthing and everyone in its path, Then the universe. Nothing remains untouched. Everything is light.
    It’s a very cleansing meditation.

  7. Imagine a triangle in front of your eyes and imagine that the negative feeling are like rain and the triangle is splitting the rain pouring down leaving a space underneath untouched by the negative energies you are under this triangle.
    If you have a hard time imagining this look at a dollar bill triangle to get the picture

  8. Some of the very basics of some neo-pagan religions and magical systems is to learn to ground, center and shield. For those folks, it is imperative to have these techniques mastered before venturing into other, more complicated things. You didn’t mention whether or not you follow a pagan path or practice magic, but I think that proper shielding would solve your issues. This is something that should be practiced on a daily basis until it is second-nature. For a description (the area that talks about shielding is near the end of the essay):


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