How do I protect my hair from a heated room like bikram yoga class or a sauna?

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I naturally have very thick, dry, and brittle hair. I am taking up bikram yoga and was wondering if anyone know how I would proctect my hair from all that heat. I’ve noticed when I sit in a sauna for 20 mins. I’ve noticed that my hair gets super dry and more damaged.

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leave in conditioner and a head wrap


Condition before sauna ( leave in conditioner) and wrap with towel, or terry cloth headcover designed for this type of problem.


wet your hair (if possible), and wrap up in a towel before you go in.try and massage your hair with warm coconut oil before you go to bed and wash it off next day

wrap a towel around your hair

Opleiding Yoga

I’ve done Bikram yoga at several studios and have never experienced that sort of disregard before.


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