how do I pronounce chakra?







  1. In what term? This makes me think of animes like Naruto that use this term, and Nabara too. If you mean in the terms of “energy” release, then here’s how:
    Think of saying the word “chalk”, then add an r and a to it to make: chalk-ra, but take the L out of “chalk” and you get chak-ra 🙂 If that’s the term hope this helps. Not sure what you’re really referring to.

  2. This really shouldn’t be in martial arts.
    It should be either in animation or religion. Not sure about the religion, though.
    If you’re on about Naruto, I always pronounce it Shu-kur-ra, but really fast. Cos I heard Kakashi say it like that. Kind of like you’re saying Sakura.

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