How do I prepare for my first yoga class?

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I’m going to my first ever yoga class in a few days, and I was wondering how I should prepare – should I do anything special before the session? What clothing should I wear? Should I do anything afterwards? Should I not eat directly before the session (it’s at 12:30 a.m)? Does eating matter? Is there anything specific I should know about a first-ever yoga class? Thanks!

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When i went to my first yoga class, I thought it was crazy. So much slow movement. Just didnt feel like I was working anything.
I have never been so sore in my whole life for the next 2-3 days. I mean wow. My advice is to stay really hydrated and prepare to be sore. Stretch really good before you go and when you get there.
Wear stretchy pants because you have your legs open quite a bit and men do yoga also. 🙂


Nothing matters, Just wear tights and be clean. In the morning eat a banana and a glass of milk. Don’t eat something that is fattening. Before you get there i suggest you exercises your bones a little bit to be ready for the Class.


wear comfortable clothing that you will be able to stretch in. thats about it, just get ready to stretch your muscles, and relax your mind. just follow the instructor

Fiona F

you don’t have to do anything really to prepare. wear comfortable clothing (tennis shoes, sweats). you can eat before it but i would say don’t eat a very heavy meal, eat something light, but eating doesn’t really matter. it should be really fun and easy and relaxing! there are different types of yoga though, some is more rigorous and some is more meditation


Don’t eat before you do yoga, it’s like swimming– eat 2 hours ahead, or you might feel queazy.
Clothes are relaxed. Get pants that are stretchy enough for you to move in. Sweats are good. Make sure your shirt doesn’t fall over your head when you bend over.
Make sure your hair isn’t in the way– long hair can be pulled back etc.
Most yoga studios have yoga mats for students, but if not, you’ll need a yoga mat.
Have fun!


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