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How do I pick a good witch name?

I just joined a coven, and they want me to have a witch name eventually. My high priest says, the sooner the better, so I want to have a name, but I don’t want to regret it one day, because after initiation I cant change it.
I like the celtic mythology and I wouldn’t mind having a celtic name, but I don’t want anything like Great King, or High Magician or something pompous like that… Anyone got any tips?


  1. Try to dream about it tonight. As soon as you get up. write down what you remember abut your dream. Try to decipher what you have.

  2. The reason why you are choosing a magical name is because a name defines you. In magic it is believed that knowing the true name of something gives one control over it. So knowing your true name or witch name gives you control over yourself. It should say something about who you are and what you strive to be in your magical studies and it should remain secret from the outside world. I once belonged to a coven we each had 3 names. Our mundane legal name, our magical name and our always secret true name that we used in our independent study and ritual. The best tip I can give is to crack open a book on celtic lore or google celtic names and their meanings and spend some real time in examining how those names might or might not relate to who and what you are or intend to be.


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