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How do I perform distance healing using Reiki?

Although I am Reiki attuned, I recieved little instruction on how to use it properly

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  1. One method for distance healing I use (I don’t do Reiki, I’m jsut Pagan) Is I envision the person in my medidation, then I envision a white aura that’s removing their pain or illness, then when it’s gone completely, the person is smiling and the aura diminishes, removing the illness.

  2. onnce you start to feel your hands warm you can direct this >i never actually touch a person whom i heal and have done this on-line.remember the power of chi(ki,prana)has no boundrys so try and find from experience, it will work i assure you!

  3. That is sad. So many masters aren’t training people properly, or at all–I know because I have re-taught a lot of people who were amazed at what I teach because their level 1 class was an hour long and mine are 8 hours.
    The real “distance healing” you hear about is taught during level 2, when you learn symbols. If you aren’t level 2 and don’t know the symbols, all you can do is use intent. Picture the person you want to receive the healing and then turn on your energy and send it.

  4. you can`t perform distance healing. claiming to heal by reiki is ridiculous, to perform distance healing is even more preposterous. Reiki is, in my professional opinion, nothing more but esoteric quackery and health fraud.

  5. If you’ve only done reiki level 1 then this part of your instruction hasn’t taken place yet…. Within level 2 you will be taught symbols, one of which is the distant healing symbol. However you can hold a picture of the person between your palms and envision them as healthy, happy and at peace while sending reiki to the photo. Also you can write a thought or request for that person on a piece of paper and hold it in your hands for 10-15 minutes. You can also just meditate on the person and send healing light and energy to them. The first two ways work though…. i’ve used them myself!!

  6. you can only do a distance reiki healing once you reach level of master/ teacher where you learn you symbols and attunements, it takes years of training from a good school or private instructor to reach that level

  7. Hi, when I undertook my Reiki 1 attunement, we were taught that although distant healing is taught during Reiki 2, you can obtain results using intention and visualisation. Have the intent to send healing, then visualise the person you want to send this healing to, it does work, I have done it.


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