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How do I partake in astral projection?

I have had a problem with nightmares for as long as I can remember. It started when I was five, and has continued since. They have calmed down through the years, but are still unpleasant. I would like to try astral projection to see if I can solve this issue, because I am at lost what else to do. I know a little about the process, but if anyone has some crucial tips for me, that’d be very much appreciated!


  1. Astral projection is actually very dangerous. Every time you leave your body you are leaving open access for anything else to enter it. Astral projection is not going to help your nightmares.

  2. Astral projection is tricky to start doing, but once you get the hang of it it’s not that hard. It uses imagination, but you’re not imagining it. Imagination is the filter which sorts out the things that should be real, and those which shouldn’t. You just need to fine tune it with practice to let you project. Start when you’re relaxed, and try to not push it. Just imagine yourself standing somewhere different. Like in your garden (if you have one) or on the roof. It helps if you know what the area looks like, but be somewhere where you can’t see your own body, it’s likely to distract you enough to pull you back into it. Go into it expecting that all you’ll do is fall asleep and dream of standing on the roof, but be open to the idea that something else might happen. You don’t have to look like yourself when you’re not in your body because it’s your body which provides the image for your eyes. Your mind can choose whatever image you like. I like being a creature that looks like an angel but with four silvery wings, not two white ones. I have gone back to look at my body at least twice, and it’s weird, because I could see myself twice, and feel my own presence in the room. It’s like looking in a mirror, but the reflection not matching if that makes sense. At first I expected to just be able to look round the garden, but I decided I wanted to go further, so I did. When I’d had enough I went home, trying a couple of different shapes on the way (bird and dragonfly). I could see energy a lot easier, and the world looked like it was night time, but made of day time colours. Sorry if that doesn’t make any sense. If you don’t go any further than your garden, then just be happy with that, because it means that you can do it. I hope I helped.

  3. madratfm is right 🙂 i don’t think that astral projection will necessarily solve your nightmare problem, but it may open you to a new world you haven’t seen before, if you are cool with that 🙂
    i can do it more easily now that i have practiced and i know that i have gotten the vibrations you experience at least 10 times. the best way i do it. is i relax and right before i fall asleep, i catch myself. so ummm, well it will feel like you are waking up into a nightmare, you are shaking and vibrating and hear weird and creepy noises and if you just relax and try your hardest to ignore all that stuff (i play a song in my head) you will find that you start moving when you actually haven’t mood. Like you will feel your legs move but they aren’t your real legs. it’s creepy….and then, you just kinda slip out…or if you are like me, sometimes you end up falling off your bed and leaving your physical body on it. I still want you to know though that the precursor stage to it can be very scary, i mean, its more of like just a test to see if your body is asleep so your non physical body can move out, but yes it is freaky and even though i have done it enough times, waking up into that precursor zones scares me sometimes to the point where i don’t want it. If you do get scared of what is going on (trust me u will know what i’m talking about) then move part of your physical body. Just move it and that will stop all the craziness, it may take a bit for the vibrations to die down though.
    It is a very real experience to me cuz its like, you are somewhere where your physical body is not, and you can go explore, i hear you can do lots of cool stuff with the power of your mind (change your clothes, setting, all that good stuff) *sigh* but i’m not that skilled yet. I think i did manage to back flip in the air up there once though XD
    don’t worry if you don’t get it right away…it took me two months to get mine!
    remember, you have to be relaxed and as soon as your start falling asleep….try to keep your mind awake. Mind awake, body asleep. It is hard to do. Sometimes i do it by accident and other times i get it when i try to, and most of the time i just don’t get it at all T_T.
    but if you are scared of nightmares, i do not reccommend astral projection unless you can deal with going through the creepy precursor zone before you get out.
    i know it might be hard for you to understand like this and that and all the crap i mentioned but, trust me, one you get it, you will know what i’m talking about. It will feel like there are demons in the room and that everything is out to get you, you are shaking and there is sometimes unexplainable ringing, banging, or voices. (this is what stops most people from progressing….because, when you get scared….it usually does stop the process. (i also said that moving your physical body before you astral body makes it out will also stop the process) they say too excited will cut it short too but i dunno….i haven’t been too enthusiastic about hearing weird noises and having intense vibrations O.o
    but if you need some more help with anything feel free to contact me.


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