How do I open my 'third eye'?

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Hey guys,
I’m really interested in the third eye theory.
I have been researching it pretty much non-stop for weeks, and although I have tried various techniques, they all seem to be fake.
I was wondering if anyone actually knows the proper way to open your third eye.
Any information at all is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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MrDucky [Atheist] LOL

draw a closed eye on your forehead…
now clean it off and draw an open eye.


Regular meditation.


Errrr….With love?
Im not sure but I believe there are various meditations or yoga’s. Kundalini?
Anyway, Im sure it takes a little longer than a few weeks for most people. Years.
Find a practise that inspires you, one that you feel connected to. And love.


The techniques that you found are probably not fake, it’s just that it takes practice. A lot of practice. It can take years of dedication to open your third eye. Maybe you should find a new age/spiritual/occult forum so you can ask there and learn? Going on YA is not the best way to learn. Most here are just trolling around.


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