• Hi there I am also interested in opening third the eye. And have posted a question as well, I have come across the following: Open Your Third Eye — I understand when you use these drills, you are left in a semi-meditation state the product has very good reviews and does not sound like self written sales puff. Have you tried or know anyone who has tried product? There seems to be a lot of self proclaimed experts that seem to copy one another hence my question. I have found some free information at these two sites http://.titanmoto.net & http://.topconsolas.net but these sites are not exclusively based on opening the third eye and tend to cover the topic very generally. As for how long to meditate I don’t know some sites mentioned suggest thirty minutes to an hour, but the Silva Ultramind system indicates fifteen minutes to be adequate. I also came across http://www.learningstrategies.com the forum has some interesting posts. Hope to find something that works soon. Best of luck

  • You can “open” your pineal gland by establishing a diurnal rhythm. You can do the rest of what you just said by playing Dungeons & Dragons.

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