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how do i meditate? Got a weird reaction from my session?

I have been trying over the past few days to meditate.

The first few times didn’t make too much success and just now was my first result.

I lied down. closed my eyes like I always do. But this time i told myself that I couldn’t move a certain body part. I started with my toes and worked my way up. In about 15 minutes i couldn’t feel anything.

So there i was sitting there, couldn’t feel anything, just my mind. Then suddenly, i had this really weird feeling come over me, and i felt like i was floating.

I don’t think it was meditation cause i still had thoughts running through my mind. My friend said it was some form of sleep paralysis.
When i ended this session. I tried to get up. and i really couldn’t. I fell over a few times trying to get up.

What was this? was this “sleep paralysis” or was this some form of meditation? How do you meditate, and can someone direct me to help?
i didn’t see anything, just the inside of my eyes, and i just felt myself kind of floating.


  • Try this very simple, yet powerful meditation in the article ‘Effortless Meditation’ at http://www.awaken2life.org/published-articles/74-effortless-meditation.html
    It can be done for a couple minutes or an hour.

    Also of possible interest is a 15-minute audio podcast episode called ‘The Art of Meditation’ (ep. 6) at http://www.awaken2life.org/podcast-more-oom.html but you would need to register first to get access to these older episodes.


    ~ Eric Putkonen

  • I also did.
    But dont be afraid of anything. There will be more & different experiences may even be frightful. But if if you turn back , you loose.

    ‘The one who tries to save his life will loose it , and the one who looses it , will live forever ‘.

    Jesus said this but this is very Buddhist . In the end the devil himself comes to distract you but as I said , if you win you are in the same place where Jesus & Buddha stand.

    Keep on good work.

  • sounds to me like you did go into a meditation state or that you even went on astral travel, like when you leave your body, you must have a very strong mind, i believe you took total control over your body so much so that you were able to float out of it, did you feel yourself go anywhere else? did you see anything? i think the reason you couldn’t move was that you literally left your body and then when you returned your body had to readjust itself, wow not bad for a beginner!!!

    when i meditate i close my eyes and picture a small dot of bright light in my 3rd eye (mind) and block out everything else but that light with slow breathing, but im just learning……

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