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I don’t pray…so not in words but in thoughts because thoughts i think are a stronger vibration than words. i need like effective energy. So how in the world do i meditate for the health of a cancer patient w/o using words or language thoughts? Am i making sense? prolly not…but I tried it last night…i tried focusing on my heart beat, being thankful for my own health then wishing her healthful vibes but i kept getting outta focus & thinking ego driven thoughts about my own death instead of focusing on healing meditation for her. lol I thought this was kinna energetic when i was focused but not really intense like i want it to be. I don’t know if it’s of any use to do this but i feel like that’s the only thing that i can really do & since i don’t pray i want to meditate on it.
Any thoughts or imputs would be lovely. Thank you all
Maybe i shoulda put “my health” in quotation marks, cause truth is i know nthing about my health either.
Yes i think that would be a great idea but i havet gotten to speak with her…i’ve heard that the health & recovery of a cancer patient is quite dependant on their mental state as well
Dude i usually appreciate sarcasm but not really feelin it right now.
Haha sorry, that was directed at wombat, who is obv being sarcastic with the magical potions remark. lol
I don’t believe in meditation healing others either, but im willing to try it cas it cant hurt…. i believe that it can heal the person who does it tho…i just dont know what to do, & she isnt someone very close to me so im not sure but yes supporting her is something that would rlly help i would think

Answer by Anonymous
maybe the patient should practice the meditation instead? if nothing else it might help to calm their mind if they tried it.

edit: wasn’t being sarcastic.

edit: it’s okay, I don’t believe in being able to heal others through meditation. but I do know it helps people in distress keep peace of mind. If you’re feeling like you can’t do anything for her, you can do something for her. You can support her.


  • When you are trying to help someone get well there are several things to consider.

    1. We come to earth to learn lessons as needed by the soul, not necessarily to live to
    a great old age. When the lesson is learned, we can go home. Why stay after school?

    2. Who can heal a body? Only the Mind of the person who needs healing. Even
    God will not take away their free will. When they realize that God created them perfect
    and it is only their mis perception of God’s perfection that allows disease to gain a foothold,
    they can reverse the situation and get well. That is what Spiritual Healing is about.

    Energy healing might work if the patient has a deep belief in it.

    3. If having a healing is one of the lessons that the soul wanted to learn,
    then it will happen

    4. I have no right to interfere in that persons destiny. If they ask for prayer
    at a deep level, then I can pray for their understanding that The soul is
    in charge and can stay here if there is a valid reason.

    A very wise lady already advised that we should just send love.
    God already knows the best solution for that soul. Send love.

  • I think this is why I ask questions for certain people – sometimes I can’t think of what else to do and it gives me a way to share it……… which is what you’re done here!

    You know I believe in the ripple effect – good things and bad things spread out more than just their immediate effect. Like I believe just asking this matters because you obviously care.

    I hear you on meditation for the same reason – thoughts come into your head and it’s hard to clear them out.

    So – my recommendation:

    Set aside a few minutes every day and go to a quiet place and just start saying what’s on your mind and heart about this person, and what you wish for this person and what you’d like to see happen. Even though it’s YOU talking, it helps you to focus and can become like a meditation.

  • Just Love them.
    It’s the greatest gift we can give anyone.
    After you have settled in & are centered, just focus on them with Love, it will be enough.
    Many Blessings!

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