Home Discussion Forum How do I master the power to see another person's aura?

How do I master the power to see another person's aura?

I think that in the future, anyone who is to survive needs to learn mastery over seeing and understanding auras. How do I learn how to do that?


  1. I’m not really sure why think that will be a necessary skill, but here’s how you see ‘auras’. Stare really hard at something or someone for a few minutes. Your eyes will start to get tired and you will experience retinal fatigue – everything will start to look a bit blurry and shiny. That’s as close as you’ll get to seeing auras, because they’re just in your head.

  2. The way Eri said is pretty much how most people will instruct you, with the exception that most will tell you that you are really seeing an aura.
    Its a classic trick used by charlatons to convince people they have psychic abilities.
    My question to you is, What do you think is going to happen in the future that we will need to read auras to survive? I was thinking precognition, or telekinesis would be more useful. Will rose tinted sunglasses work the same as seeing auras?

  3. People who have epilepsy often experience “auras,” but it sounds very much to me like something you would want to avoid.

  4. Since I’ve never been able to see auras, I go by vibes. A healthy, happy, decent person just radiates goodness, and Christians call this the ‘Holy Spirit’. That works for me. Discernment is a wonderful gift. Stay spiritual!


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