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How Do i Manipulate my chakra??

How do i release and control my chakra?? I mean the real chakra not the sci-fi chakra.


  1. I’m assuming you mean “how do I activate/control my body’s energy”
    I’m assuming you mean chakra as vital energy (similar to the term used in naruto), and the specific 7 chakras in the body (from the hindu system)….although both answers go to the same place.
    There are lots and lots of systems existing for working with the body’s energy. Some are better, some are worse, some are easier, some are harder, some are known, some are nearly impossible to find a teacher for. The hindu method utilizing the chakras is not the best, but it’s one of the more well known one. Very simply put, to activate them you learn how to do real hatha (which is not that taught in the US) yoga. If you want to get a good grasp on the system you can go to India and study with a guru (which lots of people do). Otherwise you can work with your local new age person, and get something to occur, but not a very strong effect.
    I personally think the best approach is to go with the chinese energetic activation system “chi gung/qi gong/chi kung.”
    There are a lot of different varients to learn, and ways to go about it, but overall I think the best book for starting on the subject is called “opening the energy gates of your body.”
    If there’s any way you can get ahold of it and start reading it/learning the content in it, that’s your best bet for everything you’re asking (and moving into the cooler stuff that comes afterwards).
    Hope that helps!
    re big puffy; that’s not a very nice (and prejudiced) answer, but how does your source even substanciate your claim? It just says currently no scientific way to measure it exists, although there are some possible unproved indicators.
    By your logic, atoms didn’t exist 2000 years ago since science couldn’t tell they exist.


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