how do i make the most of mornings when i'm not a morning person?

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for the new year i want to wake up earlier. i feel that the day is wasted when i wake up around 8:30am. i need to wake up earlier. i am not a morning person but i have to get up obviously to feed the kids, start the chores and then we do school lessons till 4pm. (i home school)
my problem is my writing schedule is off, i write when i get a break, which is rare, and i dont meditate everyday! what kind of rituals or morning routines do some of you do to get yourself into the right frame of mind. so “not being a morning person” is effecting my work and my spirituality. i just dont feel as if i get off on the right start each day.
i have my mood enhancers on stand by,healthy snacks, and teas. but i’m talking about waking up early and getting my whole body and mind ready for the day. oh and i just received a qigong dvd that i will start doing. but do i do this before or after breakfast? by 11am i feel so run down! any suggestions would help!

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do it all later and sleep in

Eric M

“The best part about waking up, is Folgers in your cup”….


go to sleep on time and ull get used to it

Matthew M



I listen to music. It stimulates my mind and helps me to be so mean!


I wake up at 5am to exercise and get my day started. I hate mornings almost as much as I hate exercise, so it’s still a work in progress.


try to git up Early and exercise like jump rope or trampoline.
it will help you be Moor of a morning persin.
try it it mite work.

allure s

well i think you should like try to get out of bed snd stretch then you’ll feel better but u can also wash your face that’ll wake u up try that and if not then excersise.


Wake up in the morning before the kids and any other chores you have to do and do some YOGA… it will take a couple of days to be comfortable with your new routine but you will feel awake and refreshed by the time you HAVE to do something!!
If you have cable or a DVR or Tivo… record a show called Inhale. It is yoga set to music and it is so great. Take care!

Look, no hands!

try listening to music in the morning and not a radio station. just pop in your favorite upbeat CD that you can sing along with. it always helps me. i listen to a lot of regina spektor on the way to school and im usually in a better mood and not as sleepy! hope this helps!

The French Connection

try to make it a family event.
like, setting your alarm clock each night by what time the sun will rise, it’s a beautiful thing to watch.
or try what i do, i turn the music up full blast at 6am every morning and when the kids stumble out of their bedrooms i am already on the treadmill….they like that, one jumps on the ab lounger and one goes for the yoga mat.
it actually saved me doing this – it was so hard to get them up and ready in the a.m. and they have to be outside at the bus stop by 7:15 am here.
good luck to you!


You really can’t because your energy peaks at a different time of day. Morning is not going to be overly productive for you, keep it low-key, that’s what I do when I don’t have to be at work by 8:30a.m. You need to accept the way you are and work with that. I’m not a morning person either and I have learned that I can’t change that, I can modify though when needed.


Oh mornings can be wonderful! First you must start your ritual before you go to bed. Meditate on what you want to do tomorrow, then go to bed thinking about what you have in your life you love so very much. Think of your kids and how happy they make you and what you want to do for them tomorrow to make their lives better. Go to bed at around 9-10, wake up at around 6. When you wake up STRETCH and meditate together at the same time. Chanting also helps me, it’s very grounding. Also scientists have proven that apples wake you up better than coffee in the morning because of the crunch and vitamins. And a vitamin b12 supplement (liquid drop form taste awesome and works fast) gives you an extra boost of energy and doesn’t make you more tired because of a caffeine “drop off.” And reduce your intake of complex carbs slightly, like pasta and rice, they are packed with energy but make you tired quicker. Try instead some eggs and you’ll feel a difference in the very same day. And don’t exercise in the morning, makes you even more tried. Unless you use a light stretching yoga routine. I found an am/pm yoga video and man it’s awesome. But that’s what I personally do that helps me.


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