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How do I make friends with my new crystal ball?

For my birthday, a wonderful friend surprised me with a crystal ball on a claw footed stand. I want to prepare this ball properly so that we can become communicative, best friends. What can I do to encourage open lines and warm exchanges?


  1. Treat your new crystal the way you treat your other harvested crystals. Give him a warm sea salt bath, let him splash about and have fun, then place him in the full moon to soak up the moonbeams. You’ll be friends in no time.

  2. First of all, you need to know what kind of crystal it is. Lead crystal looks nice, but is basically useless. With rock crystal or quartz crystal, immerse in dry table salt for three days. Bring it out, brush it off, bathe it in spring water, and if you’ve got the geetus, rub a thin layer of a magickal condenser, or an elemental condenser, or an essential oil on it.
    Treat it nicely on a regular basis.
    Good luck!

  3. Best thing to do is cleanse it. You can use salt water, moonlight, sunlight, incense smoke, candle flame, or any other mixture of these items to cleanse it. Once it has been cleansed, it’s best to just spend time around it- look at it, sleep next to it, whatever, just get your energies into it, and get used to it’s vibrations. You’ll know by how it feels when it’s ready to be used.


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