How do i make a voodoo doll? easy 100 points for the good answers.?

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I want to make a voodoo doll but i have not got any spanish moss or things like that i need it to be real and it needs to be with materials that could be found in an average home please help!!!
i have asked this question before but no one answered me seriously so please answer seriously and in detail i will give you between 100 to 500 points depending on your answer
please help

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well voodoo dolls r easy….i have made them from just about anything…though i prefer wax….as long as u have a piece of something that belonged to the person(hair worx best in my opinion…but clothing they have worn will do) u should b good….u can find more info at or a different marie laveau shop or site…


Uhhh, go to New Orleans. They sell TONS there.


Not everyone can go to New Orlenes any time, you know.


First i wouldnt be a good Wiccan if i didnt say BE CAREFUL. What you send out will come back to you Three Fold good or bad. And we cant help you because we dont know what the purpose of the doll is. Is it for protection, health, wealth, courage, love, or malicious purposes. All of these things greatly affect what the materials are, when you make it what you make it from and what Lao you invoke.
Blessed Be )o(


i am a Wiccan, so here is some help.
1. get wax and shape it into the form of the person
2. get their hair or used clothing
3. stick it onto the doll
4. there you have it.
Good luck.
Blessed Be!

CrAzY sTrAwS - i'm a girl

You’re new, so I’ll go easy on you.
You cannot give more than 10 points to the person you choose as best answer.

Shadow Storm ☥ Witch ✡ Healer ☯

Someone posted a link for puppets made from Saran Wrap, that’s pretty at home, doesn’t get any better than that.
You can make them out of Corn Husks (in homes here where I live everyone has a few corn husks) and it is as simple to make as the saran wrap. Google “Corn Husk Doll” and you’ll find a site that teaches you how to make them.
You can make them out of clay (even play-doh if you don’t have clay). You simply mold it into the shape of a person.
Wax has been used (sometimes you can just buy the image of a person in wax as they sell them already made and at the bottom you can stick personal items.
You can make it out of felt, next time you’re in wal mart ask your mother you buy you some felt, its cheap and easy to get. Then needles, thread and cotton, should be no more than Five dollars. Cut out the shape of a doll, start sewing and before you close it up fill it with cotton and personal item.
You might already have some of these materials at home. I’m assuming you’re under age because you want to make it from materials at home. Most people of age usually ask “what should I buy?”
Making a Voodoo doll for fun is .. FUN! Making a doll for magickal purposes is also fun and can be very useful. – If you’ve put in as much effort into researching magick as you have done for voodoo dolls it would be safe to assume that your voodoo doll won’t have much effect if your goal is to harm another. The energy needed for that tends to be very clingy and being new to this will surely leave you covered in filth and we’ll see you back here asking for help on how to undo everything. That’s IF your intentions are to cause harm.
You can make these for decorative puposes, of course, as I often have. I make them, hang them up, set them on table tops… gives my home a witchy appearance. Gives altars a witchy appearance 😛
Have fun making dolls,
Shadow Storm
I’m curious as to how you’re going to award even 20 points and you’re promosing 100-500 lol. i’ll be checking into this simply to see if you were serious. I’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff online so perhaps you’ll be able to do what you say. haha


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