Home Discussion Forum How do I make a visible Ki,Chi,Mana,Chakra,ect.ball?

How do I make a visible Ki,Chi,Mana,Chakra,ect.ball?

If you dont belive it dosent exist,dont even waste your time preaching that its not real.


  1. Ki, Chi, whatever you’d like to call it, is not meant to be visible. They are supposedly existent within your blood and give you the energy and force needed to fight.

  2. You don’t…
    What you are talking about is giving physical attributes to energy.
    Don’t confuse energy with matter.
    Don’t confuse the EFFECTS of energy with the energy itself.
    Looking at it from the point of view of physics, a “Chi ball” would be fairly useless due to the fact that power diminishes as a function of the square of the distance. That would make it fairly useless after traveling a VERY SHORT distance.

  3. Stop watching so many movies. Chi is internal ENERGY. Learn an Internal Martial Art like Taiji and u will learn about Chi and how to use it.


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