• DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Succubus’ are sexual predators they cause harm they are not there for your sexual needs they are there to sexually assault you and take your breath away so you wont be ale to breath. plus you wont be able to see her.

  • Go to that place you just saw on the Travel Channel, on Ghost Adventures. I heard she was hot, and you have a high chance of literally getting it on.

  • First you have to taint your soul in a manner that is directly related to sexual perversion, then you have to get away with it without anyone being the wiser (except god and the devil) so that no condemnation except your own and spiritually will be put onto you.
    Then you have to offer your self mind body and spirit to Satan and live your life according to the edicts that satan will set forth for you, and be outspoken about it. Then she will be introduced into your life by some nefarious means, and you will probably just think that she is human, but she will be in spirit, the demon in which you sought. After which at some point she will take your life and you will enjoy the eternity in which you have sought.

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