How do I locate the third eye?

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I need to know where I should be concentrating on when focusing on the third eye. Where do I direct my physical eyes and is there a way to tell if I am doing it properly?

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Did You Get It On The Wall?!

its down below in the pants area- also known as “the whispering eye”


You should only have two eyes. If you have a third, you are deformed.


Hi there. you will know to locate the third eye is when there is no thoughts in your mind when you are meditating. Just relax. Don’t fight the thoughts, just watch your thoughts like watching a move. It will take time. The mind does chatter a lot.

the chosen one

Put two eye patches on and when you see something and know it’s not coming from your two eyes you have located what part of your body your third eye is attached to.


Its part of the Indian Chakra system if you google that it will give you all the seven power vortexes.
The third eye is literally in the middle of your forehead.
You don’t really direct your physical eyes since you would need to be meditating as it’s part of energy work. Meditation is when you are focussed on your Self – ie the inner you rather than looking at something and trying to work out what’s for tea! 🙂
To meditate you start by ‘centering and grounding’ that is you bring your awareness into yourself, focus on your breathing and relaxation. grounding means feeling a connection between you and the earth, feel roots growing from the balls of your feet into the earth anchoring you in place.
Then you draw energy up from the earth and as you slowly reach each chakra point you open the vortex, either see this as a spinning disk that starts slow (when it’s closed) and gets faster as it opens, or buddhists often use an opening lotus flower. It’s the effort of mental work and focussing on the area that opens the chakra.
You could just go direct to the third eye but IMO it’s better to have them all in balance before you start work on one specific one.
Within Indian beliefs the Chakras can affect physical health as this system believes very much in a holistic approach to wellbeing.
One word of warning, don’t ever leave the thing open. Good magical/psychic/healing/meditation work all finishes on a general cleansing to get rid of any unwanted influences and then a closing down and releasing of the energies, so do everything in reverse, close the chakras from top to bottom then pull up your ‘roots’
Always have something to eat and drink after meditation to ground and centre yourself. If you dont’ you could be a bit ‘spacey’ and out of it for a while. Just like when you are really tired (you’ve been expending a lot of mental energy and need to let your body recover)


Has parapsychology ever answered any question?

PSI,you're very welcome,I enjoy answers from everyone.I'm hoping for some new answers not the same old ones.

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