How do I let the supernatural world know that I would like to volunteer to be visted by a succubus?

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I think it would be awesome to have a succubus come and visit me.
How do you get the word out to the succubi that you want them to come and visit you?
Do you do some kind of ritual?
Do you have a seance?
Do you use a Ouija board?
Do you have a medium or clairvoyant help you contact one?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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They normally kill their mate after they do it. Not a good idea.

The Reverend Soleil

Become roommates with a Catholic priest.

Mist and Shadows

bang your head on the wal 50 times

Maurog II

Every male in the world which went through puberty have been visited by a succubus.
What do you think wet dreams are?

general dogbitz

have you tried their website?

SPL Texas

If you like eternal torment forever then that is what you would be inviting.
They are EVIL – meaning they will lie to you while on earth and then drag you to hell to enjoy torturing you when you die – it is horror beyond horror.
Consider you eternal future.
Don’t play
It is much better to invite the Holy Spirit and experience that supernatural powere of speaking in other tongues, prophecying etc
Read Mark 16 and 1 Corinthians
Love, your bro. – choose wisely!

Born Again Pagan Atheist

One word…


When you wake up in the morning with a face liked a stunned mullet, and rigor mortis AKA the stiffening of a muscle that should be a dead give away…Hahahahaha
Better be careful what you ask for though, you could end up with an Incubus! OUCH!
Talking in tounges? I do hope you don’t mean that absolute Sh*te where they talk utter gibberish…lol
But then if your talking about the gift of being able to talk the native language of another country then that’s different. Is that what you mean? Oh I do hope so…MERD!


I have attacked by a succubus before.
It is NOT as fun and cool as think it might be.
It was scary as he–
I hope it never happens again.


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