Sunday, September 26, 2021

How do I learn astral projection?

I fell in love with Robert Monroe’s books, and really want to be able to travel in the astral plane. Many books and tapes later, I still can’t. Has anybody mastered this that can help me, maybe be willing to teach me, I’d be forever grateful.


  1. Go to astral projection school, it’s easy you lie down and relax and think yourself into the classroom with all the other AP students, then class begins and you’ll soon be AP’ing like crazy whenever you want.

  2. As a Christian, I hope you don’t learn it. When your mind leaves your body as it does with astral projection, there is nothing to stop demons from entering in. It is spiritually dangerous and I hope you will read more about the negatives of the procedure before you embark on a dangerous task like that.

  3. Every one experiences astral projection some time in their lives. Unfortunately it occurs at night and when you wake up you can’t remember it occurring.
    For me it is natural ever since I was a child I have experienced it. I also learnt how to control it so now it doesn’t happen very often.
    It will take some practise so patients will be your best option as frustration can stop you from achieving your goal.
    Try and find a peaceful place to meditate and do some relaxation before going to bed and hopefully you will succeed in your quest.
    Most of all just remember that you will always return back to your body no matter how far you travel.
    when you have mastered it try exploring other countries, the past, the future and other spiritual planes higher than the earth plane.
    Have fun and enjoy your quest but please learn to protect yourself first as other evil entities will try to do harm such as possess or attach them selves on to you. learn as much as you can befor attempting to astral travel.

  4. Find a quiet place, free of distractions
    Adjust the lighting and room temperature
    Adjust clothing, footwear, eyeglasses.
    Sit down or lie down, Find a position that is comfortable for you
    Quiet your mind, Still your thoughts
    Relax your body, Your face , your jaw , relaxing, Your shoulders, your neck, relaxed Your arms, your hands, feel at peace, Your torso, your hips, letting go, Your legs, your feet, totally relaxed
    Focus on your breathing, Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, Retain the breath as long as is comfortable, Exhale through the mouth slowly and completely, Repeat for two more breaths, or as is comfortable.
    Let go of the fear of leaving your physical body. Remember you astral project when you sleep.
    See yourself floating away from your physical body. You may feel as release or perhaps hear a sound as you leave.
    If you get fearful, please stop as you are not ready for astral projection. Anything done in metaphysics should feel comfortable and easy. If it is stressful, let it go for now, as you are not ready.


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