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How do I know when I've found my spirit guide?

Recently, I’ve been on a quest to find my animal spirit guide. I have an altar to my ancestors and I try to honor my life to them. I feel sometimes like I need their guidance, so I seek an animal spirit guide. I am about as new to shamanism as it gets.
The problem is that although I can picture animals, I don’t know which one my guide is. How do I know when I have found my animal spirit guide? If they “choose” me, how do I know when I’ve been chosen? How do I know it isn’t my ego choosing?


  1. You’re looking for an animal totem. Spirit guides are more often human, but nothing is set in stone. If you have the ability to IM me, I could help you more. Yahoo Messenger user name: Lancaid.

  2. I’ve known instinctively since a young age that my totem animals are sharks and wolves, but always wondered if it was my ego choosing as well. But they finally started coming to me in dreams and guiding me.
    I bet you may already know who or what your animal spirit guide is, you just need to relax and let it come to you. I know this is hard advice to take, especially when you are starting on such a vision quest. Just be patient. They will come to you and you will know.
    Best of luck, love.

  3. Hmm. Interesting question. Well, you really need to connect with an actual Shaman. They are initiated to guide one to this understanding. I am a Teacher with The RMMS and I have a white wolf which is a wise and powerful totem.
    However, recently the Beaver has insinuated itself.
    If you can’t connect with a Shaman, then very possibly, when you meditate, the animal that shows up most frequently will be your totem or power animal.
    You can also take gifts of The Spirit which is offered by The RMMS occasionally. Go to our website rmmsne.com
    and you can see what we have to offer.
    Study the wheel and also get Scott Cunningham’s ‘Animal Speak’, it is a wonderful reference for all of us to use.
    Wishing you Love and Light!


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