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How do I know my hypothalamus is working?

I lost my sleep 20 years ago. I simply cannot sleep. According to doctors I am bipolar and they gave me SEROQUEL and I can sleep with it. But my problem is my perennial insomnia. That is, I cannot sleep AT ALL unles I take SEROQUEL.
My blood tests say THyroid is fine. But I saw a video of Dr. Hotze saying that blood tests didn’t detect exactly the thyroid functioning. I asked my doctor for a ANITHYROID ANTIBODIES. I also feel a pressure inside my throat as if I had a peace of bread stuck in it, I feel it since I am a little boy (now I am 43). I have told many doctors about that feeling but they never cared all these years.
I hit my head when I was 17 years old. It was a big hit against the floor. I jump on a mattress that was on the floor and I thought it was going to be very protective but I ended up hitting the floor. It would have worlked if I had jumped on two mattress, but on one it was bad. I hit my head so hard from the forehead that I couldn’t breath for 15 seconds and needed a minute to come back into normal thinking. Maybe I damaged my hypothalamus.
The question is: What kind of doctor can check my hypothalamus?
Please give me some advice. Not sleeping is really ugly. Even with the SEROQUEL I can sleep all night long but it is not natural rest. My life is so misserable emotionally because of that. As i stated before, I am not bipolar by nature, it is because not sleeping can make anybody crazy.
I DO NOT SLEEP AT ALL. No matter what I do I have perennial insomnia. Please don’t tell me to listen to the sea or to count to 100 or to do yoga. I CANNOT SLEEP. Please help me.
Since I lived in the USA I may have FLUORIDE intoxication. I bought the Iodine to decalcify the Pineal Gland. I read that can cause insomnia.
The other question? Whay kind of doctor can help me with the pineal gland?
Thanks in advance. Best regards from Spain.
I do sleep thanks to the pills. If I don’t take them I simply don’t sleep. Believe me, if I dont take them I just don’t sleep, believe me, no sleep at all unless I take something.


  1. Same boat man, always tired, never sleepy. If i have a cup of coffee to wake up, I can expect to stay awake for at least 24 hours. No way around it. Going in for my bloodwork soon. GL to you man, I totally sympathize. Does the seroquel help at all? I’ve been taking codeine and that usually does the trick for me. The sleep feels natural but I’m still asleep when i wake up.

  2. Only a scan (forget but I think it’s the MRI) can tell the shape of your hypothalamus and also an ACTH provocation test. If you want these you have to go see an endocrinologist.
    I have severe hypoadrenalism and I have refused those tests as they make you drink a highly toxic metal (gadolinium) which will further deplete your adrenals/system. (I have tested + for high gadolinium toxicity already).
    I take DHEA in the am and I find when I take the right dosage that as the hours go by, I cannot resist sleep at night. I’ve been an insomniac day sleeper for many years as my body has nights/days reversed due to adrenal problem.
    Btw, you DO sleep, or else you would be dead. It’s impossible not to have slept in 20 years. You do and you don’t remember it or even very little. That’s just what is. Hope this info helps.

  3. call a compounding pharmacy and ask them what doctors in your area test and balance hormones……they should be able to help you……
    i would nt be taking all that iodine though.
    and endocrinilogist can test you but have limited treatments


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