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How do I know if my wound is healing properly?

I cut my thumb last night from the corner of my cuticle round to the pad of my thumb with a serated bread knife. It felt like it grated against the bone too! it’s quite deep and very painful. it’s still bleeding on and off and the cut seems to be opening more. is this normal?


  1. Yes it’s normal if you don’t keep it cleansed, wrapped, and protected from further injury

  2. It may not be. Consult your doctor as soon as possible. If you don’t, it may get infected and heal scarred. Good luck & best wishes!

  3. No, it should heal up quite quickly. It sounds too small to warrant stitches, but put a plaster on and avoid putting any pressure on it.
    If the wound if still open tomorrow visit your doctor.

  4. um if you cut it down to the bone and its still bleeding after aday you need to go to the hospital and get some stiches are your going to get a nasty infection. and it wont heal right.

  5. you should go and get it looked at, go to accident and emergency, because it keeps bleeding and the wound wont heal it might need a few stiches
    good luck

  6. Unfortunately it should have been ‘stitched’ and most doctors won’t put stitches in if it has been ‘cut’ longer than four hours. PLEASE go to the doctor or emergency room, and at least have them debride (clean it thoroughly) and bandage it … and then ‘FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS on ‘care’ so it heals ‘properly’ … YOU WILL HAVE A SCAR, because it wasn’t ‘properly stitched in time’ but it will be a much smaller scar, with far less chance of ‘long term nerve damage’ if you go to the doctor or ER NOW.

  7. No. It sounds like it might need stitches, or at least a butterfly stitch (where you take two small pieces of paper or cloth tape and pull the cut closed by making an “X” with the tape over it).
    Additional: With all due respect to VixMix below, I never said you should rush to the hospital. And a butterfly stitch is something you can do yourself to keep the wound closed so that it can heal properly, which is why I described it. I naturally assumed that you are keeping it bandaged otherwise.

  8. hiya, ive done roughly the same as you i grated my thumb on a cheese grater it was a new cheese grater so quite sharp i took 2 huge chunks out of my thumb before my hubby came home i wrapped it up if he would of seen it i would of been straight down a and e, it took about 2 weeks for it to feel a bit better now i have a pink lump on it i dont no if its normal, and now and again it bleeds then puffs up, it will start to itch when its getting better thats how you will no.x

  9. there is a possibility that you may need stitches because it sounds to me like it is pretty deep, and has been bleeding for a long time. if it continues to bleed i would go to the doctor, but first you need to put some peroxide on the wound to clean it and prevent infection. infection is something you don’t want to take lightly, because you can die from infection. but if ti starts to get better you will know because it will stop bleeding, close up and it will begin itching, that’s hoe ypou know if a wound or cut is healing because it itches.

  10. Everyone always wants you to rush off to hospital don’t they!! Honestly its a cut!! The reason it keeps bleeding is because its on the pad of your thumb, and the movement and use of your hand is popping the vertical cut open again – a bit like those spec cases where you push the two sides together and it opens. Wash your hand throughly in soap and running water. Dry, cover with a little guaze and wrap with tape (a plaster prob not long enough) to hold the wound together so it can heal. It will heal from the inside out so it will take a little time. you have cut it far enough to hit the nerves hence the pain. I’d be more worried if it was numb.
    In all honesty avoid hospital, your injury is old and minor you will spend hours and hours waiting around. Your doc may not deal with this – most don’t stitch now as surgery times are so tight. If you have a minor injury unit you may want to go there, or chat to your practice nurses, they have a lot of experience in wound dressing. But you should be able to deal with this yourself. don’t worry about it, the body has amazing healing properties and can deal with alot itself.

  11. steristrips are a good idea on a cut like this same they use in hospital very thin strips of plaster u put across the cut to hold it together. if its still same tmrw get it checked at hosp or doc . make sure u r not using it as this may cause it to open up.

  12. i had 12 stiches in my cheek put in 1 month ago by a emergency room doctor. to date the area is very deep and tight, also looks swolen on the top. will this go away in time?


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