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How do I know if my sister is a witch?

My sister has been acting very peculiar. She runs up into her room as soon as she gets home and never comes out. She puts curses on people and I often come home to her boiling a weird mixture of things over our stove. She is 20. Is she a witch or what?


  • Who knows? But if she is, she does not seem very educated on what witchcraft truly is, so if she is a witch, she is not a true witch. If she knew more, she wouldn’t be putting curses on people just because she can. That is very dangerous, immature and immoral. And you can actually be a witch and not be Wiccan. Wicca is a religion, witchcraft is a practice so you can practice witchcraft without being a Wiccan. I am not Wiccan, I do not abide by the Wiccan law. I have no religion, but I practice witchcraft.

  • basedon your story she sounds like one to me but i dunno if witches ar real. if she puts curses on people then she is. yeah…she does sound like a witch!!

  • Chances are no, she’s seen too much tv. There isn’t witches in the normal sence, there is a religion called wicca, wich is the worship of nature and the elements. There is black magic, but I think it’s safe to assume your sister isn’t wiccan. As she would have a pentagram around her neck, a pentagram the top point points to the sky, while the inverted pentagram points to the ground.

  • yes she’s a witch. she will get on her broom at midnight but make sure you’re asleep or she’ll turn you into a black cat!

  • Most likely not. If she was she would be observant of the Witches Rede and there would also be no boiling of weird mixtures on the stove. She’s probably just a really crappy cook. Running to her room and not coming out again just means she isn’t very social.

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