How do I know if i've opened my third eye?






I chanted this word that had a “vibration” , it made the middle of my forehead feel really weird, ive done it before, but now, i cant get the sensation when i say the word,
today after I chanted it, I didnt see into other relms but i felt more alert.
and right now i cant get that sensation anymore, im wondering what happened


  1. When you can feel the blood dripping into the eyes, you know you’ve drilled the hole deep enough to expose your “third eye”

  2. um, i think you should lookin the mirror, and if you see a type of ‘glow’ around your head. this only hapens to soem people. You are very special if you do see it. It is not an aura, it is the ‘magic’ that has been in your ‘eye’ being released. You can see it only a few hours after you have opened it. If you do not have it then you must know with your consience. ou will know or not.

  3. The sensation won’t come from trying. It happens when you least expect. The third eye is open when you can see the inner the same time as the outer!

  4. You will know. It won’t be a “maybe” and a necessity to ask others if it’s opened. You will just know.

  5. You will fart alot and leave dingleberries on the bed sheets… oh… wait… sorry I thought you said brown eye.

  6. its a good idea to check by rubbing the palm of your hands together and then putting the center of one of the hands to the third eye. let it be ok if you don’t get anything every time. we have been playing down all phenomena like this for so long that when we try to get them we miss the target, often. the subtle bodies are tender and smooth. an much mastery is needed to keep the mind from going anywhere it wants. the effort is akin to keeping a hand held camera steady whilst filming on a moving vehicle on a rough or dirt road. most people shut that part out, because they have been told that it a whole bunch of horse #%&@. but they forget to notice how many believes they have that are totally unfounded. you have had an experience of it, which is verifiable if only to you now. to know if its open, test it out. use your imagination to see it open first and then test it. use your feelings as your guide. bring this feelings through or out from you heart to do so. if chanting works for you then keep chanting, as long as you feel camfortable with it. chanting is only a mechanism to get you there. maybe some other method will work better. do abit of intro spect, you may come up with something better, and once you found it, stick to it. (practice, practice, practice. the most gifted people in any field are usually the ones that practice more then others. and it’s this factor that sets them apart, or in front, or stand out.) remember Einstein would seat in the bath for hours on end because that’s where he got his ideas about relativity. the Buddha said ‘ where your attention goes, your energy flows’. and buddha was not any addinary guy. don’t be inpatient with it, it will come when it will come, and when you’re truly ready, with much meditation. non of this things come to anyone without working for them. good luck and blessings
    ps; hope this helps

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