Home Discussion Forum how do i know if i'm really seeing auras or not?

how do i know if i'm really seeing auras or not?

i can sometimes see a colorful lining around people that varies in thickness from one little thin line to almost a ball of color depending on the person. it’s always just one color but it changes randomly and often stays with 1-2 colors that it goes back and forth from randomly and unnoticably.. i can rarely ever actually see them, but when i do it’s very realistic..
sometimes i just see little balls of color zooming past and not really having to do with anything.. what do you think? what could it be? actual auras?


  1. Firstly, the brown acid is bad. What you’re on must be incredible! People pay a lot of money for that sort of experience so if you can work out exactly what it is in your water supply you should try to separate it and look to making some sweet cash. That is of course if you condone drug use, which is also bad, like the brown acid.
    Oh and if your seeing colourful balls you may want to see a doctor.

  2. I would say you are gifted. I have occasionally seen an aura, but not very often. I did see that green really is the color of envy. I also saw that cynicism turns a person’s aura gray, which is very unhealthy color for a human aura.
    An interesting photographic approach to this is Kirlian photography.
    This can be done of a single finger or the whole person. A very light (unnoticeable) electric charge is applied to the body. The resulting rainbows are completely fantastic and unique to each individual.

  3. Not to be a skeptic, but it sounds like what you’re experiencing might be ordinary “optical fatigue.” The rods and cones in our eyes, when looking at an image for a little while (especially if that image is bright or strong) become “imprinted” with the strong image, so that when you look away, there’s an afterimage in a different color that sticks with you a while. Like after the flash of a camera, sometimes you’ll have a little blue dot that hangs around in your field of vision. Or you can see it work in some optical illusions. (Here’s one: http://www.qualitytrading.com/illusions/flag.html )
    I’d rule out more scientific explanations, especially of things that are common and happen to a lot of people, before exploring whether or not you’re seeing auras. Good luck.

  4. Are you getting a lot of headaches? Seeing auras around persons and tiny little balls flashing around in the air may indicate some neurological problems and also the onset of Migraines. I would seek the advice of a doctor. Good luck.


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