How do I know if im a medium/ psychic or not?

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***I can read others mind even when Im chatting online and say the sentence that they wanted to say few seconds later or vise versa..It happens to me most of the time (9 out of 10 ppl).****when I think about someone, she/he call me, text me, or I will see him/her,,,or I will hear sth about him/her in the next day or few days later****I had some flashes in the past***from last few months, I’m feeling straing sense like some one is in my bedroom or at hoom (actually I feel 3 things, its wierd but I could feel one of them, bold tall man who was standing in my bedroom and he didnt look anywhere, without any emotions, I cant even take a shower cuz I feel like they r watching me…there is a child also which Im aware of him recently….)***Some of my wishesh on things that have ismall proportions of becoming trueI, actually became true…like Im mostly the winner in Lottory,,,specially when they want to pick names,,,or someone who was abusing drugs became clear by my wish, previously he tried everything but he wasnt succesful to put it aside, and others where hopless at him,,,also my abusive wishes came true several times even if I do not concentrate…for example, one time I concentrated in specific part of someones body (leg) and sent energy and wished that he could not be able to walk at all…after few mounths he couldnt walk!!!***whenever I do sth in others eyes seem diff than others….even if I do the same thing as others!!!****I feel like Im being guided by sth/ someone/ higher power/ donno exactly…I dont consider myself as a lucky person all the time but I can easily feel him and the connection is so real to me….PLS HELP ME,,,I REALLY NEED TO KNOW IF IM A MEDUIM OR PSYCHIC OR IM GETTING CRAZY,,,,IF U THINK I MIGHT BE, PLS TELL ME IF THESE FEELING ARE GETTING WORSE AND ILL BE EXPERIENCE NEW THINGS!!!
If u know any website that has a test to help me pls post its link ty

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There is a great on line test for this, it is always spot on.


God does give us blessings.


If you were psychic wouldn’t you already know what we’re going to answer to your question?
Case closed.


Easy, there’s no such thing as a medium/ psychic, it’s all a con like when women are sawn in half.
If you are experiencing strange stuff, visions, noises, you really need to get to a doctors and arrange a scan to make sure you have no physical brain defects that could be dangerous to your health. Better safe than sorry eh?

Barking Toad

It’s quite easy, really. You’re not a medium or a psychic, because these things are not real.
What you are experiencing is a phenomenon called confirmation bias. Look it up.

Sirensong sunshine

Oh boy
Try James Randi’s challenge and win £million if you actually are “special”
Or better yet, get some medical help


hi you are not 32 but 31 years old


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