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How do i know if I have a poltergeist or a ghost in my house?

My boyfriend and son painted a small piggy bank together together and left it on the table to dry, then went to bed. the next morning it was gone and we still haven’t found it. I have been experiencing noises, doors opening, and whispering. What could it be?


  1. If you have any type of spatial awareness you will know. When I was a teenager we lived in a couple of houses that were haunted or possessed by mischevious spirits. Weird things would happen – can opener unplugged but coming on in middle of the night, connector door to garage opening and being slammed.
    Buy a dog or cat; they can see or more aware than humans are. Our puppy used to bark at odd times…..that’s how we knew. You’ll feel like someone is in the room with you; the hairs on the back of your neck will stand.
    Anyone who thinks these things don’t exist is plain ignorant. Some people are more aware of these paranormal spirits and poltergeists. Seek these people out and they will help you. It is human nature to be afraid of what is not understood or seen.

  2. Try this- Turn your TV to a snowy station, throw a baseball into the screen and see if it comes out of your upstairs closet.

  3. Put on an Amos n’ Andy video tape before you go to bed, and leave a big plate of jello on the most comfortable TV-watching chair. If there are herringbone linen sheet prints in the jello the next morning, you got spooks.

  4. you have an energy mass that is trying to get your attention. it has it.Why is it showing up now?…. Whats up in your lives,it is coming out to show you something you need to look at? ask what it wants. do you feel at peace or is it icky / scary? Ask for.. no command and demand protection from the universe for you and your son if he is under 16 and if he is older I suggest that your bo and son do the same.


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