Home Discussion Forum How do I know if I have a poltergeist in my apartment?

How do I know if I have a poltergeist in my apartment?

I posted a question a couple minutes ago saying that our family tv volume keeps going up and down, it still is right now, lol. People kept saying it was a poltergeist. How do I know for sure?


  1. Do random things fly across the room of their own will? if no, then your tv is broken or a ghost wants to be known. Please note, ghosts and poltergeist’s are different.

  2. Poltergeist don’t exist therefore you don’t have on in your apartment
    I am 100% sure
    Call a tv repairman or maybe you are having power surges

  3. That’s not a poltergist, that’s the tv channes themselves doing it. Pay closer attention and you’ll most likely notice that the volume tends to go up when there are commercials, and then decrease once a show comes back on. Tha’st a way of getting you to pay more attention to the advertisements, or hear them if you happen to leave the room for a food, drink or bathroom break.

  4. First of all, you need to do some simple Investigating yourself.
    Check your T.v. for Any possible reasons for it to do this.
    Maybe the batteries getting low in the “Remote” could somehow cause this?
    (I know my remote’s can cause Havoc with the t.v. & components …lol )
    Even a Neighbors Remote could effect t.v..
    If its plugged into an extension cord, is the cord Old,
    could be it or the outlet has a minor electric serge?
    Does this happen to Just that One t.v. in the house?
    Do other Strange things seem to happen every now and then?
    I mean things other than finding your keys in an unusual place …lol
    Keeping a Journal/dairy of events and things that happen in the home can help
    you determine some things on your own.
    Little odd things that might happen can add up if you have a record of the events.
    A Ghost Can Do things that are thought to be more of a poltergeist activity,
    (Operating electronic devices like your t.v. and moving or Throwing objects for example)
    But in Most cases Ghost Do not cause bodily harm.
    (except by maybe causing a person to hurt themselves from being startled?)
    A Poltergeist is thought to be more of a Demonic Entity,
    that only wants to cause Harm in Any way it can. (or even simply annoy us)
    Where a “Ghost” might do something to get our attention and not meaning to do harm.
    Lets Hope you Don’t have something Demonic, cause things WILL Get Real Bad in time.
    From simply Irritating you(others in the home) at first, to Terrifying you later .
    They Also (Like to) cause the family to argue and turn on one another in various ways.
    Now that I Maybe have gotten You Scared?!…Hah Haa…
    There’s Probably nothing to be concerned about in your home.
    If you stay alerted about things like I mentioned, you’ll notice
    and have more knowledge about what might be happening ?
    = )


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