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how do i know if a boy is going to break up with me when he shows no negative energy?

ok im dating a boy and he tells me he loves me nadstuff but sometimes i think he is going to break up with me one day just unnexpectedlley. most the time he shows no negative energy that he is but sometimes i get a gutt feeling and i dont know what to think ,should i stop worrying or should i persue this matter and ask him some qeustions, but if i ask him certain qeustion do you think there is a chance he can get mad nad use that ofr an excuse to break p with me . what should i do ?


  1. from what you say it sounds like he hasn’t really given you any reasons to think that he will break up with you, so you may just be worried for no reason. you probably should stop worrying… if you two start fighting a lot over small things, or if he stops telling you he loves you, then you might want to worry a little bit, but as it is it sounds like there is no reason for you to worry… just enjoy the relationship

  2. Relationships should not have one person walking on eggshells.
    Probably most of your “gut” feelings are really anxiety and nothing more.
    If the relationship is going along fine, let it be.
    Ya know the old saying, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.
    Corny but it gets the point across.
    Good luck and relax!

  3. 1. id say listen to your gut.
    2. does he spend most of the day with you?if yes then he doenst want to break up with you.
    if he spend little time with you and always going to his friends and he you guys dont spend too much time together because he is always meeting his friends then he will break up with u sooner or later cause he has no interest in being you. he is only dating you for social status.

  4. Well, test his answer by questioning what if one day you will fall in love with another boy? If his answer is no way! He is obsessive with you. If he has no answer but just shrug off? He is probably thinking the same way. If he just laugh off? He is avoiding this situation. Think about it, how much do you actually love him? If he is not worthy, then do not waste time just on him. There are a ”forest” of good guys out there.


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